Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Scenes + Chocolate

Hi there.  I hope you enjoyed a long weekend! Here, its been spring one day, winter the next.  We go from being jacket-free to sitting in front of the fire and piling on blankets.  Saturday was gorgeous so we ditched our plans for a little family day trip to a museum up north and headed to the forest for a hike instead.

We got lost in the woods.  For a couple hours.  With two chidlren. It had its moments.  Not all so good. Apparently, somehow or other we veered off the easy, well paved, level trail and ended up on one that was steep, muddy, and LOOOONG.  We survived.  And laughed about it later.  After we recovered.

Sunday, winter and gray skies retruned. We finally removed the very dead greens from our window boxes, much to our neighbor's delight, I'm sure! :)  Jimmy played board games with Andrew and his friend, Charlie took a 3.5 hour nap, I cooked, lit lots of candles, and we kept the fire going all day.  After a hearty beef stew we had these...

{no bake - chocolate pots de creme, a family favorite, recipe here}

{top with fresh whip cream ~ heavy cream + 1 TBS powdered sugar + dash of vanilla. whip on high}

Today I braved the museum {always a packed house on holidays and weekends} with my two boys. We had a blast together though!  It was such a treat to have Andrew along since I usualy just take Charlie on school days.

By 3:00, it was up to almost 50 degrees again, so out we all went.  Armed with a steady suppply of warm cookies from the oven.  All measuring and mixing done by Charlie. When he was actually Charlie that is, because these days the majority of his waking hours are spent either as a "Ghost-Buster" or "Spider-Man". 

{don't even ask! :)}

{My recipe ~ the traditional Toll House recipe + 1 bag of Ghiradelli semi sweet chips,  
that's in addition to the Toll House chips.  
Use convection oven if you have it too.  Makes better chocolate chip cookies.  
Not sugar cookies though, they seem to prefer traditional oven.}

Looking at these pictures, some from my phone others from my camera, I'm struck by the ebb and flow of life these days.  All the little highs and lows, all in the course of a typical day.  I can feel complete adoration one minute and total frustration the next.  These picture show the good stuff that somehow manages amid all the chaos.  The chocolate faces, the dressing up, the pretend play, the outings and trips we take together, these are the things I choose to remember, the things I will be present for when they are happening.  Because everyday, sometimes in the smallest of ways, they are there.   


  1. Great post about your sweet boys! Look at Charlie go on the scooter like a big boy!!!

  2. Tessa,
    Darling post. Love all those photos. They remind me of all the hijinks my own boys have done! When your living it, it can be crazy, but looking back after, so precious!


  3. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! !! My 3 year old has the same spider man outfit.
    Take care! !!

  4. Such a sweet post and so very true about the highs and lows in one day's time. There are moments when I wonder how I'm going to survive 2 boys and then there are moments when I want to just slow time down because they are growing up way too fast. But you are right... the moments you want to remember happen every day!

    PS: My younger son would be green with envy over the Super Hero Squad helment!

  5. Oh, how true! You go from being absolutely exasperated with your kids to wanting to bottle up every second in such a short time. I remind myself to focus on the good times.

    PS -- I'm glad you found your way out of the woods. Been there, done that. Not fun.

  6. Amen to your last paragraph. Perfectly stated. I choose the same!


  7. new reader here! your pots de creme looks lovely. just might have to try that recipe :)

  8. What a great weekend! And thanks for sharing the recipes.

  9. Love slice of life posts! Allthatfood makes me want to cook day :)

  10. I wish I had one of those cookies about right now. We haven't taken Ella hiking. That sounds like a good idea though....there are so many good places locally for it.

  11. That just made me tear up - isn't that the truth?! These are the images we choose to remember. And as we should! Drama mamas one minute, love bugs the next. We wouldn't have them any other way. They need our love as they learn how to navigate their own thoughts and feelings. I thank God I had parents who understood this, too.

    Yum to the yum on everything else! And are you 100% caught up on Downton? Aren't you so happy you caved?! Love me some Matthew! And Adam Levine. Oh, wait...that's another show...

  12. pinned that yummy chocolate goodness. :)
    what a wonderful picture of winter you painted for us with your photos and your memories of the weekend.

  13. Don't you love how this warmer winter weather has allowed the kids to place outside more? Great photos - looks like they've had such fun. (I would LOVE a 3 1/2 hour nap!)

  14. Hey Tessa,
    Love your family pics!! So glad the winter has been so mild.
    Those cookies look yum right about now.

    Have a great week!