Monday, February 13, 2012

valentines for school

some {most} years i just opt for store bought valentines
 and others i feel inspired to make them a little more special.
last year, i saw a cute idea for valentine s'mores using heart shaped peeps.
so i copied.  but instead of peeps i made my own marshmallows 
and cut them into hearts.  
a gooey, sticky, fun, food science experiment!
the black + white striped bags are for andrew's classmates and the red gingham are for charlie's.
and just to make sure they tasted ok we roasted them for breakfast this morning.
yep. delish.
happy valentine's day!!


  1. Beyond adorable! There won't be a more delicious or better looking Valentine in their classes this year! My boys have been at the age for awhile now where there are no Valentines passed out though J has a special girl at school this year so we bought some cat foiled chocolates and 3 foil heart chocolates and made a really cute bag to store them in. A simple gesture. Happy Valentines!

  2. Those turned out so cute. I love those red gingham bags (both are darling, really). Making marshmallows is one of my favorite things to do - it is such a science project! Hope your boys have a sweet day! xo

  3. Roasted marshmallows for breakfast? That is MY kind of meal! LOVE your valentine treats.

  4. Those look great! !! Yummy!!! Have a good V day

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Wow, they are beautiful. This morning I am making chocolate dipped strawberries for my sons class. I may just have to eat a few:)

  6. What a wonderful & unique treat! That is truly a special memory that the boys will have, the year that mom made s'mores for everyone! I hope that you & your family has a lovely Valentine's Day!

  7. I'm blown away! I love every single bit of this Valentine! My oldest is "too old" to exchange Valentine cards (it gets a little weird in middle school), but my youngest was excited about the day. I made some last-minute cards for her, but nothing this fabulous! You're a great mama! xoxo!

  8. Tessa, Love this! My boys would love these marshmallows. The bags are so cute and the labels too.

    Just did my post and my boys did arrows and balls this year for cards. SO fun!! Love your blog!

    Happy Valentines!


  9. Those look yummy and I love the precious packaging! The boys have some lucky classmates!

  10. SO cute!! And I love those gingham bags!

  11. Great photos - and I am loving the black&white bags!! The last time I tried to make homemade marshmellows, who knows what I did - all I know is the wouldn't move out of the pan ;) Yours on the other hand look perfect - those kiddos have got it good!!

  12. awww, Tessa. My heart just melted :) I saw this late last night on Pinterest and figured you had posted, but I had to go to it! We made homemade marshmallows this year too, pink of course!
    Happy Valentine's Day, friend!

  13. So pretty, Tessa! Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Oh, so cute and sweet... share whree you found the bags??

    1. the bags are from sweet lulu!

    2. Thank you ever so much!! By the way, I found you a little while back and love your blog... very fun!

  15. wish my kid was in your kid's class. :)