Monday, February 6, 2012

Date Night Attire

I am happily tired after a busy weekend that included celebrating a girlfriend's 40th birthday {she barely looks over 30}, a swim meet, planning and coaching a Destination Imagination team meeting for Andrew's team, a little Super Bowl watching, and a date with Jimmy. A very much needed date with Jimmy.  I always know when it's long over due because we start to get a bit snippy with each other about little {insignificant} things.  We don't really argue much, he is very laid back and usually let's me have my moments when I'm all bent out of shape about something.  But lately he's had to do quite a bit of traveling for work and when he's gone like that it sometimes takes a few days to get back into the fold of the household.  More for me than him.  I get so used to doing it all myself and running a pretty tight ship, so transitioning back to a family of four sometimes takes a little effort. Questions like, what time does Andrew get out of school or where do I store the grill pan drive me nuts when they should make me grateful - I have a husband who wants to handle school pick up and do dishes when he is home.  But it's amazing what a night out together {without interrupted conversations, laundry baskets awaiting folding, or one of us falling asleep while the other tucks in the kiddos} will do and how quickly our perspective changes.  A little reminder that I am indeed lucky to be in love with my best friend.

Going out is definitely more fun when you feel pretty, and it is much easier to feel pretty {for me, at least} when I am wearing something new. {why is that?}  Here are a few favorite recent-ish {December is recent, right?} purchases that make getting ready to go out a little more fun...

a word of caution regarding the mini, it does run short and tight


  1. So agreed! Date nights in our house happen too infrequently as well.

    Love the Alex and Ani bracelets! And that chevron dress is so adorable but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to move, it's so short.

  2. Wow! I'd be feeling pretty in those lovely frocks too if I were you! Love the zig zag dress!!!

  3. I love that zig-zag dress!!! I'm headed over to check it out!

  4. Love your choices. I have the zig zag dress and everytime I wear it I get tons of compliments. Have you washed yours yet though? I have and it actually started ripping at the seam. I didn't realize it until one day my arms were down and my thumb got caught in the hole!!! I love sequined skirt, but I can't pull it off. I agree, date nights are such a great way to recharge! Have a great week!

    1. oh shoot, that's not good. i read similar reviews. i have not washed it yet, but now i think dry cleaning might be the better route. thanks for the heads up. and you could totally pull off a sequin skirt!! :)

  5. I almost laughed out loud by the "where do I store the grill pan" question. That is exactly my problem too! If my husband asks where something is or where something goes, I get so snippy :( Thank you for relating!

  6. Love the if only I had your cute little figure!

  7. Love it all, great zig zag dress and love the bangles.

  8. Hello,

    Love the bracelet and pretty!

    Have a nice week.


  9. I can totally relate with the husband travelling. Mine is gone some part of nearly every week. I get so used to doing everything "my way" and in "my time." It's hard to switch gears when he comes home.
    Love the zig zag dress! Would love to wear something like that but at 5'10" it would definetely be a micro mini on me. You should come to Atlanta and take me shopping!!LOL

  10. My husband travels a lot for work and it always takes a while for me to get back into the groove when he returns. It's a weird thing and I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Love your new clothes. We have a night away this weekend. Now I think some shopping is in order!!!

  11. Such a great grouping. Love the sequin skirt and the dress...fabulous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  12. Just found your blog and followed! You have a beautiful blog, the layout is so pretty!
    And I love the date night attire, so shic and girly! I always feel lovely dressing up!


  13. Loving all the clothes and bagels. I am a bracelet girl through and through. I shuttered a little the other day when my husb was looking for the can opener:) Thanks for keeping it real...

  14. love those fashion picks!!!

    I couldn't agree more with you about the need for date nights after a long week!

    We had one this week, and it was sooooooo needed!!!!

  15. I have the sequined skirt in black but I am loving the gold!

    Amy R

  16. Your Jimmy sounds a lot like MY Jimmy. Very laid back, nothing ever gets to them. Date nights are AMAZING and leave both of us refreshed and recharged. <3