Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tag, I'm it...

my friend, tara, at Between You & Me tagged me in a fun little Q&A game.  tara is a genuine sweetheart.  the real deal in blogging.  so, while i'm not normally a chain letter, tag-it, kind of girl, for tara i will play along.....

1. share 11 facts about yourself
2. answer 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you
3. tag 11 other bloggers {i'm breaking the rules and skipping this part!}

11 facts about me...
1} four foods that i could not live without {in order}: chocolate, cheese, pasta, bread

2} i don't drink beer. {ever} but i do love wine and the occasional cocktail!
3} i don't swear. {almost never}
4} my favorite actresses that i'd also like as friends ~ kate winslet, amy adams, and anne hathaway.
5} one celebrity that i think would make an excellent dinner guest is john stewart.
6} two places i want to visit while i'm still young {relatively speaking} ~ the south of france and tuscany.
7} i prefer B&W photos.

8} i'm not a good dancer, but that doesn't stop me! :)

9} i get lost all the time and have no sense of direction. {ok, and then I swear}
10} hot baths are overrated...i'd rather take a steamy shower.
11} i've been in love once. and married him.

my answers to tara's questions:
1} favorite season? 
2} favorite food? 
3} name three things on your bucket list.
1. take a cooking class in france, 
2. open my own antique + home shop,
3. own a small cottage by the sea that is in walking distance to the beach + a cozy cafe + a bookstore.

4} favorite quality about yourself?
5} least favorite quality about yourself? 
6} favorite thing to do on a lazy day? 
a perfect lazy day would include a walk with my hubs, quiet time in front of a fire to read, good coffee, a chocolate dessert, french food, a matinee,  music while I cook, a friendly gossip session with a girlfriend and sleep.

7} favorite brainless tv show? 
"the bachelor"
8} favorite quality in a friend? 
sense of humor.
9} three things you love about your spouse? 
his compliments, his laugh, his patience
10} hardest part of parenting for you? 
letting them make and learn from their own mistakes without interfering.

11} dress up or casual? stay in or go out? 
hmm. that depends.  with young children our "dates" are typically a movie + take out + a bottle of wine, so sometimes it's fun to dress up, feel a little sexy, put on heels, and go out.  but i'm also quite content to grab a coffee together and hang out at a bookstore.

i'm not tagging anyone, but i'd loooooove to know from you....
1} if you could invite someone famous to dinner who would it be? 
2} what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food?
3} your blogging pet peeve?

have a lovely week!!  
xo, tessa


  1. Loved your responses and know that by your four foods that you can't live without and having married the one person you really loved, we could be great friends! Great post.

  2. This is a fun post! Love the bookcase with the red books photo. We have a lot of the same answers...especially on #10 about parenting..but I am definitely a long hot bath not a shower girl.
    To answer your questions...
    1. famous to dinner...Tate Taylor - the producer of the movie "The Help". I would want to talk with him about making Jan Karon's books into a movie.
    2. guilty pleasure - hot fudge sundaes from Sonic (really anything chocolate)
    3. blogging pet peeve - blogs that have gone too commercial and the ads outnumber the content (this is from a reader's perspective - not a blogger's).
    Happy Monday!

  3. ooo we have so many of the same answers! not sure who I would invite to dinner, I don't really follow famous people, maybe Celine Dion, I love her. My guilty pleasure is girl scouts thin mint ice cream which is due to arrive in stores very soon, I can't wait! and last I'm not sure if I have any blogger pet peeves, reading and writing blogs is my "my time", as Mcdonalds would say.


  4. 1. Queen Rania, Elizabeth McGovern, or maybe Reece Witherspoon
    2. Cappuccino with whole milk and a little chocolate on the side!
    3. I haven't been into blogs long enough to really have a true pet peeve yet, but in general, I really dislike a lack of common courtesy, or when a person is rude to someone trying to serve them (ie: to a waitress, a cashier, airport personnel, etc)
    Have a great week!
    =) Michelle

  5. I love all your answers and your images!
    1.Famous person to dinner? I'm not sure Jan Karon qualifies as "famous," but I'd love to hear more about how she started writing and, more important, how she keeps writing. Or C. S. Lewis because I love how he wrote about his faith, but he seems like he'd be really fun dinner company, too.
    2.Guilty food pleasure? Crockpot macaroni and cheese. Oh.
    3.Not sure I have a pet peeve; I usually quit reading if I think the blogger is putting on airs or mean-spirited. Oh, and a lot of typos.

  6. I didn't have it in me to reply to a tag from a blog friend, but I sure like reading everyone else's! You and I have some similar answers. The beer one being one. :)

    My blog pet peeve: when "just for fun" bloggers apologize for not posting. If you're blogging for a living, you owe it to your advertisers to post. If not, you don't owe anyone anything. Make the blog work for you; don't work for the blog. Just my humble opinion!

  7. I love your post!! Your answers and photos are so fun!!
    1.1 would love to invite Gwyneth Paltrow and cook one of her recipes from her new cookbook . Do you have her cookbook?? Yummy and healthy.
    2.Dark Chocolate (my favorite is Dove little squares)
    3.I really don't have a pet peeve.

  8. I enjoyed reading all of your answers, Tessa! So here's mine:
    1. I really had to think about this one......I don't really know about this one, but I do know I'd really like to meet Kid Rock! Ha! Don't judge, but I love his music, I've seen him several times in concert and he seems like he has a good heart based on what he does for charities. Plus, he seems down to earth and a country boy :)Yep, I guess I'm just redneck like that.
    2. Guilty pleasure is ice cream! I don't keep it in the house. It's just too dangerous.....if I get a craving for it, I'll just head out and the ice cream store or DQ. Otherwise, I'll eat the entire carton within two days.
    3. I don't really have a pet peeve although someone who isn't very genuine I'm not usually a fan of.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!!

  9. hey lady! how are you? love all your pretty, pretty pictures - this is such a fun post!!!
    ok, so...
    1. harper lee, elton john, george w. bush (that be a pretty lively group, don't you think?!?)
    2. i love sweets - i can never turn down a good chocolate chip cookie
    3. pet peeve? hmmm? people that comment on a post and tell you about there great giveaway - like you can tell they just want you to follow them to boost their numbers.

    that is all for now! hope yall are doing great! it is chilly here so im sure it cold up you way too :) hope yall are gettiing some snow!!

  10. I always loves these posts - such fun insight. I, too, though am reluctant to tag others. We have so many similar answers (own a shop, beach house, etc). I need to watch Monday's Bachelor...that's one of my many guilty pleasure as well. As for Downton Abbey, I kept hearing about it from others (including my mom, too) so I finally caved. SO glad I did. I read a third season has been commissioned so I'm so happy my new addiction will continue. It's been the most successful show in the UK since Brideshead Revisited in the 1980s. Thought that was interesting. Anyway, I highly recommend it. Did you see Gosford Park? It's created by the same guy.

    OK, let's see...
    1. Ever since I saw Hugh Grant interviewed on Inside The Actor's Studio, he made my list. He's clever, brilliant, and all those other charming English adjectives. But seriously, he is way smarter than I realized (odd tidbit: he was awarded a scholarship to Oxford)
    2. Cheese, carbs, frosting.
    3. Pet peeve. I don't care for quickie, no content comments. Sometimes, the nod is nice and I can be guilty of the same...but not when that's all you get all the time from the same person. It feels disingenuous and as though they are just commenting so that you read their blog.

    p.s. Stick w/ me. I think I was born with an internal compass.

  11. I thought of my pet peeve. It's not just with blogging, but in general. It bothers me when stationery (as in papergoods) is spelled incorrectly.

  12. What a cute quiz! I cant thinks of someone famous I'd want to meet off the top of my head, but my guilty pleasure is definitely chocolate, and my blogging pet peeve is people leaving anonymous comments, asking me a specific question to which I can't respond to them personally!

    Cute blog design - we have good taste. ;-)

  13. Rocco for dinner. It is kind of a sadistic wish - he would tear my food apart, but he would look good doing it:)
    Fav Food right now - toasted, buttered bagel, with strawberry apricot jam.
    Pet peeve on blogging - none to "for fun" blogging.