Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspiring Readers

This week is dragging a bit for me.  Lots of homework + tests. For Andrew, not me, but as any parent of a third grader knows, when they've got homework, you've got it too...  We have after school dentist and doctor appointments...  Weird spring like weather in the dead of winter....  I have been on an organizing mission and stepping up my housekeeping skills {not hard to do since they were lacking} since the start of the new year....  Till this week...  Now I'm pooped...  So much for that. Anyway, before I climb into bed with what is likely my 5th cup of tea for the day, I wanted to share a couple stories about two blog friends....

I do not do a blog roll, but if I did a "Reader Roll" these two lovely ladies would be at the top.  I'm always grateful to receive kind comments and emails from readers.  But now and then, I'll get the most heartfelt email and it will blow me away, completely make my day, and give me all the gusto to keep on blogging.  Occasionally, they are from women that don't have blogs of their own, so I don't "know" them they way the "know" me. Over Christmas, I got the chance to know a couple such readers better when they shared pictures of their homes.  I was so inspired + impressed that it is high time I shared them with you too....

First is Kelly {"from Georgia" which is how her comments read}.  Take a look....

Looks like a magazine, right?  Well, that's because it is!!  She doesn't have a blog YET, but her home was featured in the Christmas issue of Cottages a& Bungalows.  So pretty. So much to love.  She doesn't know this, but when I was out Christmas shopping I grabbed a stash of shelter mags to peruse while I drank coffee and this home {HER home} brought my page flipping to a halt. I actual bought the issue just to tear the above image out for my files. It wasn't until a couple weeks later that I found out the Kelly in the mag was the Kelly that reads my blog.  Unbelievable.  Crazy.  She needs to hurry up with her blog.  Until then, more of her home can be seen right here...{click link}

Second, Michelle, another reader whose very kind words have made my day on more than one occasion. Michelle has just started her own blog and shared a couple peeks into her gorgeous home...

This is the dining room that she is REDOING!!  Yes, how pretty is it to start?!! And her sitting room below...

It's so fun to see how she has such similar taste to mine!  Very traditional, loves antiques, blue + white, books, etc.  She has two adorable children and she writes well.  All the makings of a fabulous blog. I can't wait for her to share more.  Please check her out here... A Haus to Call Home

So thank you. To Kelly and Michelle for letting me share a little of your lovely homes on my blog. And to all of you that stop by here. I've always wanted my blog to feel like I was sharing a bit of my life with you, but when you share a little of your lives with me it's even better.  Blogging friendships are definitely real and you are all such a supportive bunch!!!  xo, Tessa


  1. hi! thanks so much for your kind words today = much appreciated.

    I love that first picture of the kitchen/window. gorgeous - love the hardware on the cabinets.

    thanks again!!!

  2. great post..i missed kelly's layout so i am really glad you linked it..i love the brass too just like joni..makes me want to add some around here!

    you are right..blog friends are real and awesome!

  3. Just beautiful......loved seeing the brass hardware, so rich looking. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love your blog! I can't remember how I ended up here... I think it was a link over the holidays, but I was hooked! You have created such a beautiful home, have a fantastic sense of style and I'm always drawn to moms writing about life with 2 boys (there's nothing better)!

    I love the picture of Michelle's sitting room... especially how she handled the bookcases. I'm in the midst of updating our playroom and struggling with how to accomodate my husband's love of books on our playroom bookshelves and still make them look attractive. Michelle did a great job with that!

    Thanks for writing!

  5. I love the pictures of both homes...just my style too! How funny that it ended up being the same Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tessa,
    Wow. Quite honestly your kind words have brought me to tears. This past week has been very difficult as my beloved grandmother was moved to Hospice, after suffering a stroke, and we laid her to rest on Monday. She was a kind and generous lady and always found ways to make life a little better for those around her, which was very evident by how many turned up to pay their respects. The way she lived her life and made us feel loved is her legacy. I'm quickly learning there are many lovely people out there generously sharing beautiful ideas for living, through their blogs, creating their own legacies...making those around them feel loved and appreciated, and you, Tessa, are without a doubt, one of them.

    Initially I was drawn to your blog for your gorgeous interiors and for all the similar things we both love...old paintings, brass, antiques, blue & white...but I continue to read for the loving ways you make life special for your family and friends...the incredible baby shower, the good food you prepare, the gifts for teachers, the crafts you spend time doing with your handsome boys, the way you honor your parents and husband with such beautiful words. You've called other bloggers the "real deal" before, and I'm sure that your many readers would agree when I say that you, Miss Tessa, are the real deal...your big heart and gorgeous ideas continue to make me want to try a little harder...you are a blessing my dear!!!

    And if Kelly in Georgia reads this...oh my gosh, start a blog! You have a very pretty home and I would so look forward to seeing more!!! I'm really glad Tessa has shared you with us!

    Thank you again for your kindness, Tessa!

    1. well, you darn near made me cry. such sweet words form a good heart. thank you, michelle! so glad to have found your friendship through blogging!! xo

  7. I remember seeing Kelly's cottage on The Lettered Cottage. I absolutely loved it. She really has a knack for putting things together! Keep us in the loop when she starts her blog....and thanks for linking to the other blog as well. I can't wait to check it out. I love finding new bloggers!

    I enjoy reading your posts about your daily in and outs....you are so talented and whenever I pop in I most always leave feeling inspired to try a new recipe or re-decorate a room. You're the real deal, which is why I'm drawn to your blog.

    1. thanks, elizabeth!! you've been around a long time too! one of my very early blog friends!! xo

  8. Thank you for including links so I can go check them out! I am always a little gitty when I see you have a new post. From time to time I save photos from your blog and they go into my "inspiration" folder. My house too is a mix of blue & white transferware & french style. It always fun to see others with similiar style mix it up. Also, thanks for keepin it real with a 4 and 6 year old life often gets hectic. You are an inspiration!

  9. Goodness! I am late to this party (just got finished helping host a baby shower!) What a nice surprise to find such kind words here today - both from you, Tessa, and from your readers. You all are TOO kind. That is funny about the magazine, but then again, it makes sense. I started reading your blog because I found your tastes to be so similar to mine. But, as Michelle said above, it is all the little (and big) ways you make life so special for your family and "keep things real" that keeps me coming back to read it daily. It feels like "coming home."
    Michelle, you blog IS lovely (as is your home!) and I have enjoyed reading your posts on Charleston.
    I am getting ever closer to a blog...found out today I didn't win a blog-design contest I entered in Dec. (boo hoo) and I have someone lined up to help me hopefully this month...so I AM getting there - just slowly for this techno challenged girl!
    Thank you again for your sweet words. Y'all are precious!

  10. I love Kelly's home!

    How awesome that she doesn't have a blog and a magazine found her home!!

    Let us know when she does start her blog...I'd love to follow along on her journey. :)

    Michelle's home is lovely, too! I look forward to jumping over to her blog now...

  11. I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I've never commented here before, but I've actually gotten teary-eyed over some of your posts about your kids! I'm still in college, but you are such an inspiration to me.. you're the reason I started my own blog! :-) I hope one day I will have as many good times and warm-hearted memories to cherish when I have my own kids!
    Love from Florida!

  12. Wow! Both of those homes are gorgeous! So fun to take a peek inside other homes that share similar taste as your own.

  13. How devine it is dahhling to be reminded that although a cyber world, this blogging world, we are still very much making a human connection with others...

  14. Hi Tessa! Was going to send you an email but I don't see your address on here! Just had to pop in (I took a major unplanned hiatus from blogging) and tell you how much I adore reading your blog. Just had a fabulous morning catching up. You are one talented lady! : )
    All the best, Melissa