Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Brunch at Our Home

Each year I host our Christmas day brunch.
I set the table on Christmas Eve before heading to my parent's house for dinner.

{The vintage pinecone ornaments are new this year.
Found on my day of nutcracker "antiquing" with Andrew}

I think brunch is my favorite meal for entertaining.
So much can be prepared ahead of time, it's a bit more casual, 
all the clean up is finished by 1:30 {In theory. I'm still cleaning up a day later},
and everyone is usually pretty hungry.

The Menu
Hashbrown Potatoes
Mixed Berry Salad
Orange Juice
{click on item for recipe link}

{I used frozen hashbrowns from Trader Joes, cooked in olive oil + a little kosher salt.
The berries were sprinkled with sugar 2 hours before brunch.
The sugar brings out the juice and creates a yummy sauce.}

I'd like to pretend that everyone sat down and enjoyed
a nice leisurely breakfast, but the truth is we sort of ate in shifts.
My 2 year old nephew was asleep on arrival and 
remained so, cuddled in my sister in law's arms.
My furry four legged sister....

...just happened to be the same height as the kid's table,
so she required some adult supervision while the children were eating.
There was a lot of running around and anxious anticipation with the boys, especially mine,
because at 12:00 PM on Christmas day they still had this waiting under the tree...

After my family left, we spent 2 hours opening gifts.
I'd bet my children were the last in our town to open their presents.
I love that they took their time. 
That they played with each gift after it had been opened, that we opened one at a time.
No rush, no frantic tearing into the paper. 
I'm really not sure how we became so civilized about gift opening.
I realize this is highly usual behavior for children my age,
but trust me, they make up for it by being highly rambunctious in plenty of other ways.

I know everyone is likely all Christmas pictured and posted out, 
but I do still have a few more pictures coming...
Just one more post before we wrap up 2011.
Hope your Christmas was filled with a little magic too!


  1. Your table looks so pretty. I would NEVER be able to get my youngest to wait so long to open presents! Your kids are definitely well behaved about it all. Your brunch menu looks yummy. I may check out those recipes.

  2. Wow, everything looks so beautiful!! And the food looks yummy!!!! And your kids taking 2 hours, awesome!!!!

  3. Tessa I never get tired of seeing your beautiful home! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! Martina

  4. Loved all your photos! I had to travel with a very similar menu to my son's apt...needless to say, a 23 year old single guy does not do a table like you do!(But we still had a nice rainy Christmas beside a river.) Love your pine cone ornaments and your gold chargers.
    Hope you and your family have a very blessed new year.

  5. Everything looks so festive...I know that all of your guests had a wonderful time.

  6. Lovely! I love Brunch for entertaining too! Have a happy week :)

  7. Tessa, Merry Christmas! Your home is so beautiful!! Your floral arrangements are so pretty - did you do those by yourself?? Absolutely gorgeous!!

  8. Your home was just gleaming with joy! Hope your holiday is full of many more blessings. Happy early New Year!! xoxo

  9. Beautiful day! We are civilized around the tree, too. It used to drive my parents crazy that we didn't just have a free-for-all, but we take our time, and now that our children are older they love it and appreciate it, also. Our tradition is that they wait at the top of the stairs until they hear sleighbells, and then they come down for stockings, then breakfast/brunch, then presents. When I was a child, the excitement was finished by seven, and now we enjoy it until noon, at least.

  10. I agree, brunch is an easier (almost) way to entertain. everything looks awesome. Glad to have you as a "virtual friend."

  11. Your home is so lovely. The table is gorgeous!! I can't wait to try that Torta. The brunch menu looks so yummy. Thanks for posting the recipes!!

  12. Merry Christmas! Your house looks beautiful. Love how the dining room is so cozy and pretty.
    Have a great week! Happy New Year!

  13. thanks, girls! yep, we do open our stocking in our PJS in the morning too, then we get ready, prepare brunch and save the other gifts for later.

    and Fran, yes I do the flowers myself. so sweet that you even asked!! the greens are from our yard, the white flowers and berries from the grocery store!

  14. Tessa- your table looks beautiful and it shows the time
    And thought that went into making it look so special.
    I love your blog and get so excited every time you have
    A new post. Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

  15. Your room and table are so inviting and well put together. Your food looks delicious. Sounds like you had a wonderful Chritmas day. Happy late Merry Chritmas!

  16. Sorry, I really do know how to spell Christmas - it seems that my ipad is having a problem. Oops!

  17. I spy lots of things I love...the greenery in your chandelier, your napkins, the gold pinecones are so charming, the wrapping on the gifts, and last but certainly not least...the needlepoint pillow on your window seat. I've actually been looking for a Christmas themed one (hello, grandmother?). They just scream cozy home.

    I want to make your entire brunch menu so thank you for the recipes and the little tid-bits of info. Trader Joes is opening stores in our area this year so I finally get to experience what all the hoopla is about - can't wait.

    And about FB...I was praying I didn't scare you
    with my obvious stalker behavior. :) xo

  18. oooohhhh, I love your menu~
    our family does a huge brunch on Christmas morning at my brother's house...
    He made omlets to order...
    homemade hashbrowns....
    fresh fruit salad....
    delicious homemade cheesy grits......

    and I made a delicious french toast casserole..{paula deen's}

    I agree with is the easiest meal to host!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful kids are the opposite...they rip into their gifts!

  19. What a gorgeous setting! I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time. We did brunch at our house as well. I love it for the same reasons you do, and there's enough time in the afternoon to have a nap! I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!

  20. Your brunch looks delicious, & your dining room is beautiful. I love the chairs! I'm adding your blog to my blogroll. I hope you have a happy New Year!


  21. I have really been enjoying your blog, it has become one of my daily reads! I noticed you have a variety of window treatments. We just replaced our windows and will be making decisions on new treatment. Would love to get your feedfback on your choices - what you like about what you have, what you would change etc. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!