Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Official October Recap

Here we are...
Goodbye October, welcome November.
October is my favorite, FAVORITE, month of the year.
I'm afraid I let much of it slip by without adequate documentation,
so today I'm giving October its due with a big ol blog picture dump...

It is the prettiest time in our little village.  
A while back I promised a village tour, this will not be it, 
but I did manage a few phone pictures while on walks...

{on the way to a hayride + trip to the pumpkin patch for the fall festival}
 {today all these trees are bare}

{The little bridge that crosses over to the village chapel in the background}

{The village square} 

This is where we sit for ice cream in the summer months, soon this fountain will freeze.  
We walk past it each morning and afternoon on our way to and from school,
occasionally pennies will be dropped in and wishes made.

{One of many pretty Tudor homes}
{Tudor architecture downtown}

{The Inn}

Where we go almost daily to check on the "animals"
Charlie loves the deer, moose and buffalo mounted heads in the "hunting-lodge"
themed lobby.  The inn is our favorite place for breakfast too.  In the winter we bundle up and
walk there to eat in front of a big roaring fire, in the summer we sit outside on the little patio.

{Trip to roadside pumpkin stand after preschool and a lunch date}

October also brought Friday night instructional soccer.  
Charlie was too young but I signed him up anyway.

Daddy "coached". Though 3 year olds aren't really coachable.
Big brother helped too.

 Charlie gave it his ALL for the first 15 minutes each week,
after that he wanted to cuddle.  I was probably a little over zealous to sign him up so young.
I should have waited till he was 4.  Live and learn. But he sure was cute.

In other sports, October marked the official start of the winter swim season.
{Though Andrew has been back in the water since September.}
Now it's nightly practices and weekend meets.
Lots of wet towels, chlorine smelling hair, lost goggles, and 
double dinners b/c after practice this boy is hungrrrrry!

I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  There are few things I enjoy as much as filling the house with yummy smells when it's damp and chilly outside.  With all the pinning I've been doing I had a rather ambitious agenda to bake, craft, host parties, and add pumpkin to every conceivable recipe (soup, pancakes, french toast, doughnuts, cookies, pasta, you name it there is a pumpkin version recipe on pinterest), but I barely cracked a dent in that list and that is ok.  I did make a lot of pumpkin bread {my Mum's recipe}, tried these pumpkin spice doughnuts, and this fun skeleton treat for Charlie's Halloween party at preschool...{link here for instructions.}

I used my FAVORITE brownie recipe...
I've blogged it before, but it is soooooooo good, I'm blogging the link again.
I have zero self control when these are in the house.  ZERO!

{The downside of too much time spent in the kitchen...}

{ sometimes we eat out for dinner}

{and other times, for lunch, in the middle of the week...}
{at a cute bakery in Glendale, Ohio, where we can watch and hear the trains go by}

I celebrated my birthday at the end of month...

and Charlie sang to me the entire day.
He's so proud to know all the words to happy birthday he just couldn't help himself!

We managed to squeeze in a little pumpkin carving the Saturday before Halloween 
with Mindy, my dearest friend in the whole wide world, and her four sweet babies...

   I had ping pong eyeballs, plastic fangs and rats and 
some inspiration from Martha and then we let the kids make their own interpretations...

{Not exactly what Martha had in mind. No one will be pinning this one! ha!}

After carving and playing we came in for lunch.
I served my friend Merret's, Autumn Harvest Soup along with Ham + Havarti Biscuits.
Yum.  I will post the recipe soon.
Mindy thought it tasted very Parisian.  Coming from a French teacher I will take it!

Sorry this post keeps on going and going...almost to Halloween..  
Anyone still reading? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone??  

On Halloween the elementary children come home for lunch
 and change into their costumers.
Then we all walk back together for the parade...

I had a slightly disgruntled Harry.  I forgot to get him a wand.  oopsie.

We also had a slightly disgruntled baby brother who was feeling wiped out from the antibiotics 
he was taking for an ear infection.   So yes, my three yearold watched the parade with a paci.  
And I feel no shame.  Whatever it takes.

Thankfully a good nap for C and a little perspective for Andrew 
and we were back in business by the time trick or treating rolled around.

And that was our October.
Friday night we celebrated Andrew's good report card 
by skipping swim practice to go out for pizza and yogurt. 
How can the first quarter of school be finished when it feels like I was just posting pictures 
of the boys running through the sprinkler?!

This post took too long.
I vow to be a better blogger in November.
Ha!  I've heard that before!
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Blogging just wouldn't be the same without you.

PS. Still cooking with pumpkin too...Pumpkin spice doughnuts {again} for breakfast!
Happy Saturday!
{in case you missed the doughnut recipe above, here is the link again
cause I know you've got a craving now!}


  1. Great pictures! I love your red skirt - where did you find it?

  2. hi tessa im glad your oct. was great I love this time of year , but I hate this time also because of cold season our little one has been sick too. I love the thought of living in a small village walking the kids to school , walking to lunch your lucky. Have a great weekend.

  3. thanks! my skirt is actually more orange than red, from anthropologie.

  4. Your town & kids are so cute! Loved your October!!!! Please share your November when the time comes...:)

  5. I love all the pictures! You live in the cutest town ever - totally right our of a movie or something. Is Glendale near Cincinnati? I want to live there (:

  6.'s official. As much as I love my southern town, your Ohio village looks so much more appealing! Precious pictures, and Andrew made a precious Harry. That was my favorite of all my boys' costumes. And I TOTALLY love what the elementary school does for the costume thing. Going home to change at lunch is a wonderful idea! I hope your November is as fun filled (but without the ear infection) as your October.

  7. Love this post! Love all your posts...My Campbell was Harry Potter too :) OK, I have to mentioned your friend "Merett"...and I have a good HS friend named Merett that lives pretty near to whare I THINK you are?! ...whats her last name? That would be crazy if you all knew one another....small, small world. I only ask b/c it is a pretty unique name! Cant wait for all the recipes.

  8. above was from me...amanda :) ...why wont google ever let me comment on here?/!!!

  9. I always enjoy reading your posts and looking at your great pictures! Can't wait for November posts. Also, your bedroom looks fab!

  10. Tessa!!!! omg!!!! Same Merret! Her maiden is weaver! We grew up together in Glen Ellyn, IL. She knew me as Amy Humphreys is my maiden.... Please tell her hello for me.... I am just dying, what a crazy small world!... Her and my mom Re still good friends. Although she and I haven't talked in years!

  11. I love these posts, Tessa--so sweet! Your family is adorable and so is your lovely village. And, you, as always look beautiful. And, you are right about those doughnuts--and I'm not supposed to be having any carbs!

  12. I just stumbled onto your blog. Your family is beautiful, you are beautiful, your bedroom redo is TO DIE FOR. I just love your blog and am very excited to add it to my reader!

  13. Now that was a great October round-up. Loved every last morsel. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Second, Andrew made for one adorable Harry Potter. That last trick-or-treating picture looks like a movie shot. I'm very envious that you get to enjoy a true autumn with the orange leaves. We get very little of that here.

    What your red skirt. Love your school favors. I had good intentions to do something for Halloween and when I became pressed for time, I figured I would do a Thanksgiving favor instead.

    And can you believe I have not baked one single pumpkin related thing yet? Perhaps this weekend! Before it's all gone to Thanksgiving shoppers.

  14. p.s. My sister almost named her daughter Merritt and I'm secretly sad she didn't b/c it's so cute! The girl from Where The Boys Are was named that.

  15. What a pretty sweater. You have the cutest clothes, girl!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend! Hope it was a spectacular day! So I'm loving this post - your village is so cute!!! I am loving that Andrew was Harry Potter for Halloween! You know what an HP fan I am! If you ever get tired of him (which may not be until he is in high school), send him to South Georgia and I will adopt him! He is just precious! I am working with Holly on my living/dining room - she is awesome! Hope your Nov. is going great! Can you believe its almost Thanksgiving?!?

  17. Just pinned those little pumpkin babies! Can't wait to try!

  18. Tessa, thank you for the pumpkin spice donuts idea and recipe link. I have now made them several times, to the delight of my family! I will be printing the recipe off to go in our recipe binder. There are a couple other Nine and Sxteen recipes in there already!

  19. Hi Tessa,
    I realize this is a super old post, but I LOVE the buffet basket you used when serving this. Where did you get it? Thanks for sharing...always love reading your blog! :)

    1. They came in a set of two. Purchased from Nell Hills store.