Friday, November 11, 2011

Ideas for Charlie's Room

The time is approaching to move Charlie out of his crib and into a twin.
His room is the smallest in our home so there isn't a whole lot of changing and rearranging that's going
to be going on, but I'd still like to make a few {inexpensive} updates.

{not his room, but equally as tiny!}

Here are some ideas....
We just had Andrew's old twin bed painted in Chelsea Gray
I've ordered some new art...

I'd plan to sew {yes, me} a pair of new drapes in something like this...

Add a fun light and wallpaper in the closet {it's a cute closet)

A cozy striped wool blanket for the winter...
The walls and ceiling are already a wheat/ buff color, so I'll just be adding a bit of
gray and a few fun accessories and calling it a day.
I like children's rooms to be pretty simple and restful, 
yet reflect their personality too.

And Charlie has a BIG personality..
He began performing from a podium at a bookstore earlier this 
week while we were out Christmas shopping.
He found a mic and "performed" for about 40 min.
Toward the end I risked getting the phone out and video taping,
this is one of his calmer performances.
I could just eat him up!!!
Have a lovely weekend!!

{sources can all be found on my children pinterest board}


  1. Oh I can't wait to see you work your magic! I rarely ever use pinterest, but just had to pin that first image. LOVE!

  2. I've been noticing your pins labeled for his room, I was hoping we'd be able to see another makeover from you soon! My boys' room is my favorite room in our home so far... and it's not even finished, they're so much fun to decorate! Cute video too!


  3. This is going to be great. I can already tell. The video was like a walk down memory lane. So sweet.

  4. Cute. I'm working on Christian's "big boy room"...hard to see the nursery go last babe:(...just thinking too the other day on your blog that I had never seen anything on your boy's rooms. So, cant wait.


  5. Hello,

    Love it! It will be such a cool room. Love the art work!
    Take care and have a great weekend.

  6. cant wait to see. actually installing two of those lights in a job im working on right now :)

  7. I love all the details of the room you want to create. I played the video of Charlie and Stella ran over and watched him. Then when it ended, we saw we could watch more and then watched the one where he's eating lunch. When you said goodbye at the end of the video, Stella was like, "where is Charlie's mom going?" made me smile to hear your sweet voice. xo

  8. He will be a star someday...I am positive of it! And...that photo is pin worthy for sure :)

  9. I like the direction you are going in for the room and your son is a born star, what a sweet little cutie!

  10. There is something very charming and secure about a little built in bed/alcove. I love the example you have shown above and try and use them in bedrooms when I can. Cheers P.

  11. I'm back to blogging. Yay! Can your house get any cuter! I love your style! I've looked at your bedroom makevoer about 4-5 different times. It's gorgeous!

  12. I can't wait to see it. I love the wool blanket. So cozy!

  13. Such cute ideas! (found you through Holly's blog) Would you share the source on those cozy blankets? Thanks!

  14. yes, also found you through Holly's blog, and would love to know where I can find those wool blankets. Love your warm, comfortable style.

  15. Hi there! Could you share your source for the light fixture and the blankets?? Thanks - looks like a fun project!

  16. Hi Anne, Barbara & Kim, I added a link to the post above that will take you to my "children" pinterest board. you'll be able to find all the sources there. Plus many more cozy + cute blankets. Hope that helps! Thanks so much! Tessa

  17. Love, love all of your choices! This room will certainly grow with him. Are you sure you're not a professional designer?! Seriously.