Monday, November 7, 2011

birds + monograms

Good  Monday morning my friends!
I'm popping in real quick before I need to pick Charlie up from preschool.
I had intended to clean the bathrooms, do a load of laundry, and hop online for some Xmas shopping.
I scrubbed one shower, then checked email, visited pinterest and now I need to leave in 10 minutes.
Sound familiar??

Anyway, I'm still getting a number of emails with questions about the bedroom.
Seriously, thank you, THANK YOU!! {big hug}
I wanted to make sure you know that I added sources to the original BR post here.

Also, for those loving the bird prints, you could achieve a similar looks with prints from this calendar...
found at paper-source and other online retailers

A few of you emailed to say Gramercy was out of stock on the pillows.  It looks like they are still available.  They are listed under accessories on the website, not bedding, so that may have been a bit confusing.  Here is the exact link

The mirror over the dresser came from Ballard, but it is now discontinued. If I come across something similar I will post it!

That's all for now.  Gotta run!  Be back real soon.  I've got about 6 posts bouncing around in my head.


  1. Your bedroom is just lovely. The monogrammed pillows are my fav {surprise, surprise!} ~ so comfy and cozy ~ perfect for a girls sleep over! :)


  2. Yes your bedroom was a big hit and with good reason..its perfect!! Thanks for sharing your resources:)

  3. Still can't get it out of my head! I'm doing a bird art grouping over the sofa, if i ever finish it, I've only been working on since we moved in! I love those calendars, I need one for the coming new year I think!


  4. Beautiful bedroom... such a great bright a fresh take a a traditional bedroom!

  5. So glad to know about the bird calendar. And, yes, we have the pillows in stock. They are one of our "must haves" so we will never run out!! Thanks, Tessa, for sharing the link.