Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Can't Decide, Please Help...

I'm sitting here enjoying left over black bean, feta, and cilantro slaw tacos 
(thank you Tiffany, thank you pinterest), reading teenager vampire lit. 
(3rd book of the Twilight series, please don't judge), 
preparing to make some pumpkin bread, 
and watching buckets of rain pour outside.

All the rain is reminding me that I desperately need a new pair of wellies.  
My orange ones, may they rest in peace, bit the dust after many years of rainy day trudging.  
I loved my orange boots.  
I think part of the reason I've put off buying another pair for so long 
is that I've been torn over finding a color I like just as much. 
But I live in a town where you walk A LOT and 
a girl's gotsta have her some proper rainy day gear.

Alas, I've settled on red. Yes, very Ramona Quimbyish, I know.  
Now the question is, would I rather stomp in puddles wearing:

Original Red....


Original Gloss....

Who knew buying rain boots could be so confusing...

What do you think?  


  1. I love my wellies too and am having the same kind of day, feeling like I hit the lottery because I am home and relaxed way more than I have been in months, have oatmeal cookies in the oven, a pot roast and soup on the stove....loving this! I love the original red best but you cannot go wrong!

  2. Oooohh those glossies are pretty cute!!

  3. I made pumpkin waffles from Trader Joes tonight for dinner! YUMMY!

    There's no judgement for the book you chose..I'm gonna watch brainless tv tonight. there's no judgement, promise. :)

    you won't go wrong with either red wellie.....just post pictures when you decide! :)

  4. On my computer screen the gloss looks the best to me. What fun shoes! Jealous of your time reading all the Twilight books. When you finish them, you need to read Jan Karon's Mitford books(if you haven't already done so). If you read only one then read Shepherd's Abiding (read it at Christmas). No vampires - just a precious village that you will love.

  5. I think I like the original red better - I think. I would be years deciding what colour I liked so I'm probably the last one you should ask.

  6. I love both boots, but probably would go with the gloss. And Kelly is right, you will love the Jan Karon books if you haven't read them, but start with the first, At Home in Mitford.

  7. I bought gloss and once they were delivered I decided they were just way too shiny! To me I like wellies to be more worn and "simple" or original...but they are cheerful,OriginalRed does get my final vote though! :) - Amanda Jones

  8. I am in the same quandry. My husband is giving me the green ones for my birthday, yippee! But, now you make me want red. I vote for original all the way.

  9. You truly can't go wrong with their of these colors. :)

  10. Both are great, but I'm leaning toward the gloss. Those would definitely brighten up a rainy day and put a smile on your face!

  11. Those glossies have me sold! I just wish I could justify buying a pair here in drought sticken Texas. Oh well.


  12. love them both...but i'm an "original" girl...
    red boots can cheer up ANY rainy day! :)

  13. I like both, but I like the original the best.....I'm listening to your playlist while I work away.
    ELizabeth aka Kentucky Mama

  14. So funny we linked back to each other around the same time. Good to know about the tacos - can't wait to try. I also tried the parmesan chicken and twice baked butternut squash and liked both.

    As for the boots...while both cute, I am leaning toward the original. I worry shiny might be too shiny?