Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Say Yes to the Paint...

Are you all familiar with the show "Say Yes to The Dress?"
Well, I've decided an HGTV spin off called "Say Yes to The Paint" would be highly entertaining. Featuring crazy homeowners like myself trying to determine the best exterior paint colors. 
With decorators giving their expert opinions, neighbors and family weighing in on the decision.  
See where I'm going? Highly entertaining so long as you aren't the one making the decision. 
If you've never had to contemplate painting the exterior of your home, consider yourself lucky.
I tried 30, T-H-I-R-T-Y!!!, different paint colors before
finally, FINALLY (yes, I'm sort of screaming) selecting our final ones. 
Andrew had plenty of practice with his multiplication tables...
 "mom, you just bought 6 new colors to try, you've wasted another $30 dollars..."

(a small sampling of our kaleidoscope)

It wasn't a fun process. 
I stalked neighborhood houses, 
carted around old dried up paint cans to get matches for unknown colors, 
emailed bloggers with pretty homes,
 even called business owners if I happened to be driving by a pretty retail building. 
I have scrutinized every painted home till I no longer like any of them.   
The sad part about this whole ordeal is that I truly thought I was a recovered perfectionist.  
That I had a relatively firm grasp on what was important and worth worrying about in life.  
Clearly I need to be rehabilitated. the process I've found some gorgeous paint combinations.  
While they were not right for our house they are beautiful and maybe would work for your own 
should you ever have to venture down this very treacherous terrain.

(I have also decided that in neighborhood directories, right next to addresses and phone numbers, 
should be a listing of exterior paint colors.  It would make this a whole lot easier!! No?)

During my "I want an off white house week" this combination was our leading contender.
This is one of my favorite painted houses in our neighborhood
Here are the colors:
The problem was on my home they read way too similar to my next door neighbor.  
So much so, even the mailman made a comment.
It looked like we were trying to match. Also, the undertones are a bit cool,
and our interiors are so warm.  It didn't flow right with our home,
but these colors are gorg, gorg, gorg!

Next up (still on my off-white kick) was this charming store front in a neighboring town.

The poor landlord called me after rummaging around in his basement to find
10 year old paint cans.  I didn't have the heart to tell
him that I'd moved on and was back to a darker color scheme.  
Again stunning, but better on a home that gets a lot of sun.  
All our trees warped these colors considerably.  
So, ultimately we ended up right where we started.
Our house is very New England farmhouse looking, and despite our best efforts, 
we couldn't shake the feeling that it was meant to be darker.
A little more subdued...

Here are our final paint colors...
mega greige - SW
soft antique white - porter
tumstone gray - porter

Now if only the rain would stop so these painters could get busy before I change my mind!!


  1. tessa going to look great !!! cant wait to see the finished product!!!!

  2. I loved all the colors on your kaleidoscope, so I wouldn't have been any help. And when you mentioned being a recovered perfectionist, I laughed to myself because I can only dream of reaching that state! I love the colors you've selected and can't wait to see them on your house.

  3. How exciting!!! I love what you chose and it will look fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. LOVE with a captial L your color palette! Its so rich and elegant, you cannot go wrong. I cannot wait to see the finished product!!

  5. Your colors look great, and your paint sample wall looks like mine a few years ago - only my 30 paints were on board and batten - not brick. It IS a major decision - don't feel bad about it - we have to live with exterior paint for a VERY long time - plus it's expensive! You can't just say, "Oh I think I'll repaint the house this weekend" like you can one room. I knew I had a "good combo" when Layla and Kevin(from the Lettered Cottage) were here and decided to use the same color scheme on theirs. Hope your rain holds off and that you have productive painters!

  6. Love the colors you picked out! Can't wait to see how it looks in the end. your home is so cute I don't think you could have gone wrong!


  7. I LOVE what you've picked out and I am so excited that you guys are painting your brick.

    Did it take a while to convince your husband to paint it?

    I can't wait to see the finished's gonna be awwwweeeesome.

  8. I feel your pain - it's such a daunting process. I love the colors you picked and it'll look great. We ended up using Porter paints for our exterior too. Body was 'tulip poplar' and trim 'soft antique white'.

  9. This cracks me up. When I am working on a project, I try SO many paint samples too. Porter Paints White Gold is actually our current exterior trim color! I love the colors that you chose. That will look great.

  10. ohhhhh, can't wait to see the finished project! i love grey soooo much! ps. that picture of the house with all the pumpkins is to die for! im so ready for fall!!!!

  11. i love these colors! i am the same way about making paint decisions:)

  12. Let's be roomates in Perfection Rehab. We'd have so much fun not bending or wrinkling the pages to our shared magazines, rearranging our room furniture, etc.

    I am so in love with the paint combination on that storefront that I've saved the image and starred this post for the Porter Paint info. Thank you for sharing! I've never heard of Porter Paint and just looked up who carries them in Dallas.

    I can't wait to see your house once it's painted. I love the colors you selected. I bet your house is darling!

  13. we are just about to start looking for paint choices! love the ones you showed us thanks :)

  14. It's good to hear that decisions you make are being talked and brainstormed. The color choices are great too. An Owatrol paint conditioner would be best to have the paint stick for a long time. This will help us save effort and money for renovation.

  15. You have great U'm sure the colors you picked are going to be gorgeous on your home. Can't wait to see it!

  16. Um, thank goodness you're on Pinterest or else I'd be missing you too much! But don't worry, I get it. Let's just close up shop here and dream away on Pinterest instead! xo (this is Tiffany from Holiday...can't seem to comment under my account today).

  17. Wow! I have been contemplating painting our brick, but my husband is not convinced that is the best idea. How well does painted brick hold up? How soon do you think you will have to paint again?

  18. Yes, without paints, our houses will be dull. Not just that, the materials will weather if there is no protection from paints.

  19. I am in the process at this point and have decided that we were separated at birth. I am driving my husband crazy!! But is has to be perfect. I love the first color scheme. One question, where does the color Soft Antique White come into play? Looks like body if house is Hazy Skies and and Shutters Wrought Iron. Thank you this has made my day!!!!!!!!

    1. sure, the soft antique white was used in the trim and windows. we used it on our trim too and it is a gorgeous off white. not too creamy, but very warm.

  20. I'm in the same boat! I have even knocked on neighbors doors and some just dont have the color and dont understand that all I need is a little chip. I'm a little reserved as to stealing a paint chip but it may be my last resort ;)

  21. I like your color choice there. It looks so good after it was painted. Nice job with the paint too.

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