Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, September! (Plus Vote for Holly)

I know fall hasn't officially arrived
but it's so close I can taste it!
(or maybe that's the pumpkin bread + muffins I made a couple weeks ago)
The trees are just beginning to show signs of yellow,
we've had a few cool mornings and evenings requiring
a cardigan and the chance to sleep with the windows open.

I'm in the mood to eat butternut squash, have friends over for dinner, serve warm apple pie,
and drink red wine around our little outside fire with a blanket tossed over my legs.
I'm ready to throw away my worn out flip flops, pack away the swimsuits,
go on hikes, plan picnics, drink soup, wear boots,
and enjoy my favorite time of year. (I can hear you saying "amen",  Tara! :))

So, while I dream about pumpkin spice lattes,
curling up with a good book + taking a nap on a chilly day,
a season filled with my favorite colors,
a time of year that is all about cozy, 
I will remain in denial that we had temps in the 90s today.
Fall, you are so very, very near.
Just pick up he pace a little bitty bit, okay?

PS. My friend and favorite blogger, Holly Mathis, has been nominated
for The Country Living Magazine Blue Ribbon Blogger award.

I believe they are "looking for bloggers with heart and soul and impeccable taste."
Ummm, yeah, that about sums her up, don't ya think?!
Here is the link to vote for her.
I can't think of someone more deserving of this honor!!
It makes me so happy when good things happen to good people!!

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  1. this is the best pre-fall post yet! that seriously is my dream home!!!!!! xoxox

  2. Want to hear something crazy? 90s sounds cool to me after the heat we've had down here in Texas! Fall is still a long way off for us.


    PS - Agree with you about sweet Holly.

  3. I love Fall too. What a fun post. I voted for Holly as well. I hope she wins!!!

  4. Me too...on the whole fall love! I found a recipe yesterday for gooey sugary pumpkin now all I need is the temps to drop a big and I'm making it!
    Love the house colors you chose!

  5. Its still pretty hot here but I may just have to make som pumpkin scones or pumpkin bread.

  6. Hello,

    Love this post today! Fall is near....bittersweet because the kiddos start school in about 5 days. Sad to see them go.
    Happy Labor Day weekend!
    Take care,

  7. I so agree with your assessment of fall - love all things autumn! That house is amazing in that one photo. Here's hoping the 100+ degree temps we've had lately go away and fall makes it's way here soon! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  8. hi tessa,
    I think everyone is ready for fall this year its been a hot hot hot one around here. Have a good holiday weekend

  9. Gorgeous everything...and that skirt!!!! I don't think I want Fall to be here yet but you may be changing my mind.

  10. Autumn is my favorite season and I'm ready to embrace all it has to offer. I see pumpkin muffins in the near future and maybe even a caramel apple :)

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend ~

  11. Fall is also my favorite time - cider mills, open windows, crinkling leaves, fresh crisp air, scarves, boots! I also voted for Holly - her blog is always so fun to read!

  12. In a house full of boys I can't but help mention football when I think of fall. It's my favorite time of year and your post has made me so ready for it. Loved reading it this morning.