Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Say Yes to the Paint...

Are you all familiar with the show "Say Yes to The Dress?"
Well, I've decided an HGTV spin off called "Say Yes to The Paint" would be highly entertaining. Featuring crazy homeowners like myself trying to determine the best exterior paint colors. 
With decorators giving their expert opinions, neighbors and family weighing in on the decision.  
See where I'm going? Highly entertaining so long as you aren't the one making the decision. 
If you've never had to contemplate painting the exterior of your home, consider yourself lucky.
I tried 30, T-H-I-R-T-Y!!!, different paint colors before
finally, FINALLY (yes, I'm sort of screaming) selecting our final ones. 
Andrew had plenty of practice with his multiplication tables...
 "mom, you just bought 6 new colors to try, you've wasted another $30 dollars..."

(a small sampling of our kaleidoscope)

It wasn't a fun process. 
I stalked neighborhood houses, 
carted around old dried up paint cans to get matches for unknown colors, 
emailed bloggers with pretty homes,
 even called business owners if I happened to be driving by a pretty retail building. 
I have scrutinized every painted home till I no longer like any of them.   
The sad part about this whole ordeal is that I truly thought I was a recovered perfectionist.  
That I had a relatively firm grasp on what was important and worth worrying about in life.  
Clearly I need to be rehabilitated. the process I've found some gorgeous paint combinations.  
While they were not right for our house they are beautiful and maybe would work for your own 
should you ever have to venture down this very treacherous terrain.

(I have also decided that in neighborhood directories, right next to addresses and phone numbers, 
should be a listing of exterior paint colors.  It would make this a whole lot easier!! No?)

During my "I want an off white house week" this combination was our leading contender.
This is one of my favorite painted houses in our neighborhood
Here are the colors:
The problem was on my home they read way too similar to my next door neighbor.  
So much so, even the mailman made a comment.
It looked like we were trying to match. Also, the undertones are a bit cool,
and our interiors are so warm.  It didn't flow right with our home,
but these colors are gorg, gorg, gorg!

Next up (still on my off-white kick) was this charming store front in a neighboring town.

The poor landlord called me after rummaging around in his basement to find
10 year old paint cans.  I didn't have the heart to tell
him that I'd moved on and was back to a darker color scheme.  
Again stunning, but better on a home that gets a lot of sun.  
All our trees warped these colors considerably.  
So, ultimately we ended up right where we started.
Our house is very New England farmhouse looking, and despite our best efforts, 
we couldn't shake the feeling that it was meant to be darker.
A little more subdued...

Here are our final paint colors...
mega greige - SW
soft antique white - porter
tumstone gray - porter

Now if only the rain would stop so these painters could get busy before I change my mind!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cozy, Cosy

Hi friends!
I know I've been MIA lately.
I miss you!

(via The English Home)

I've been short on time, so blogging has taken a backseat.
While I have a bazillion things I'd like to blog about I'm going to 
keep this post short + sweet....

While the boys were in school this morning,
I snuck away with a pumpkin spice latte to a favorite
 local bookstore where I nestled down in a squishy armchair 
with an arm load of shelter mags.
Not a bad way to start the day, if I may say so.
I scanned some favorite pics just for you.

(via House & Home)
I'm a little nuts over those light fixtures in the hallway!! And the floor!!

(via BHG)
So charming!!  (I know Holly, I know.  It's off white!!!)

(via Traditional Home)
The striped rug + the antiques + the framed art!!

(via The English Home)
The light yellowy-green paint....Those curtains!!!

(via House & Home)
The green painted millwork. Soooo stinkin pretty!

(via Traditional Home)
A perfect kitchen!!

(via House & Home)
Toile.  I still love you.

It's supposed to be a light mac & cheese.
It didn't really taste like mac + cheese.
It was better.
Of course I'm addicted to butternut squash. Addicted.
This recipe will not dissapoint.
(the only change I made was to skip the blender.  
I hate to have extra dishes to clean. 
I used a hand held immersion blender right in the saucepan.  
I was also far more liberal with salt and pepper, but that's just me.)  


Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Milestone...

My baby started preschool today...
He was so proud to put his backpack on this morning, 20 minutes before it was time to leave.
He kept asking Andrew if he was ready for school.
He has spent every day with me since he was born.
On one hand I'm not really ready to share him, but on the other
I'm so excited for him and this big new step in his little life.
I pray that school is a happy place for him,
that he finds kind playmates,
and gets plenty of hugs from his teachers.

Selfishly, I can't wait for my kitchen walls to fill up with preschool art again.
No art makes me quite as happy as preschool art.

My little Charlie, you are so sweet!
I'll miss you for the few hours a week you are away,
but don't worry, we'll still have plenty of fun together too!
And if you ever wake up and it happens to be a school day 
and you decide you'd rather spend the morning
in your jammies and cuddle with me,
well, shhh, don't tell your teachers, 
but I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, September! (Plus Vote for Holly)

I know fall hasn't officially arrived
but it's so close I can taste it!
(or maybe that's the pumpkin bread + muffins I made a couple weeks ago)
The trees are just beginning to show signs of yellow,
we've had a few cool mornings and evenings requiring
a cardigan and the chance to sleep with the windows open.

I'm in the mood to eat butternut squash, have friends over for dinner, serve warm apple pie,
and drink red wine around our little outside fire with a blanket tossed over my legs.
I'm ready to throw away my worn out flip flops, pack away the swimsuits,
go on hikes, plan picnics, drink soup, wear boots,
and enjoy my favorite time of year. (I can hear you saying "amen",  Tara! :))

So, while I dream about pumpkin spice lattes,
curling up with a good book + taking a nap on a chilly day,
a season filled with my favorite colors,
a time of year that is all about cozy, 
I will remain in denial that we had temps in the 90s today.
Fall, you are so very, very near.
Just pick up he pace a little bitty bit, okay?

PS. My friend and favorite blogger, Holly Mathis, has been nominated
for The Country Living Magazine Blue Ribbon Blogger award.

I believe they are "looking for bloggers with heart and soul and impeccable taste."
Ummm, yeah, that about sums her up, don't ya think?!
Here is the link to vote for her.
I can't think of someone more deserving of this honor!!
It makes me so happy when good things happen to good people!!

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