Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School!!

You know it is the first day of school when:
1. you wake up + shower + dress before the kiddos even make a peep
2. lunch has been pre-packed the night before
3. you make smoothies to go along with homemade muffins for breakfast
4. everyone in our entire village walks their children to school
5. you write love notes to put in lunch boxes.
6. you happily indudge unusual dinner requests
7. you plan trips to bakeries for after school snacks

Soon enough I'll be sleeping in till the last possible minute...
throwing together lunches and breakfasts in a mad dash...
and passing off my jammies as workout wear...

As for the recap of Andrew's day?
in this order..
"i had a great day"
"i know what I want for Xmas"
"i hate spanish, the teacher talks too fast and i can't follow"
"my teacher put a lego table in our class room"
"we watched a movie during lunch"
"oh and i liked the note in my lunch box too. thanks"

Here's to 3rd grade!


  1. What a cutie! Love his list of likes for the day. Too cute! I know, I was super ambitious that first day too... not so much three weeks in...

  2. What a great collage of Andrew's first day! He looks excited! I LOVE that everyone in your village walks to school. ( I love too that you have a village!)
    So true, everything seems to go much smoother on first day mornings!

  3. Adorable! Great back-to-school pics. Yep, the first day is always so special and everyone is so excited. Then, it quickly turns into the struggle to get them out of bed and the mad dash out of the house. Hope everyone has a wonderful school year!

  4. Sounds like a perfect first day to me! You're such a sweet mama! That little bakery in your village looks adorable!


  5. what a sweet bakery to visit after school.....

    and, I have missed somewhere along the way that you live in a village....tell me more about this spectacular place! :)

  6. Yea for the first day! I've visited that routine many a year!:)

    We have been delayed a day due to the hurricane but I'm excited nonetheless. Wonder who will have a sweet treat for me when I come home on my first day of school? I better start hinting now ...


  7. Here's to a GREAT school year!

  8. Love their pics! I spy a Honey Bee T! And the area you live in looks so charming - I want a trip to that cute bakery!