Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Uninvited Guests

Guess who had a party under my sink...
and in the playroom cupboard...
 the pantry...
and a couple utensil drawers..
behind the couch...
and under one of the slip covered dining room chairs???

That is what I woke up to this morning.
Some sort of middle of the night rodent invasion.
Maybe it was the lure of the homemade pretzels?

Eight frantic hours of non-stop cleaning,
checking every conceivable corner of our home with a
flashlight, and nearly coming close to hyperventilating,
I'm now getting ready to turn in for the night.
I figure if I can picture them as Richard Scary characters,
maybe then I stand a chance of getting some sleep.
I was blessed to have children who entertained themselves ALL DAY,
and for a dear friend who loaned me her handy husband for the
night to seal up what we think was their entrance.
Plenty of bait has been set, should they care to make a return visit.
I'm hoping for a better wake up call tomorrow.
Pray for me! :)

(not even sure how to label this post!!)


  1. OH NO! Hope they find a new home soon!!!

  2. Love the Richard Scary reference.

    When I lived in NYC, I was sitting on my sofa, watching TV, and watched as a mouse magically shape shifted into a flat pancake to get out from under the tiny space between my baseboard and floor. It was freaky and it made me realize these creatures can get in from the most unlikely places.

    I hope you find their places of entry and make them their exits for good!

  3. Oh so not fun! I do feel for you. Maybe Ralph from the Mouse and the Motorcycle would be a good thing to picture too...
    Good luck in your mouse trapping.
    kelly in georgia

  4. And they didn't make you a dress during their visit? We use to have mice every now and then in the home I grew up in... that is until my dad got us a kitten one year for Christmas. Since that Christmas morning there was never another mouse sighting! Our cat we have now spots every little uninvited guest! Just the other night I saw her tracking something, in the dark, sat up turned on the lights and there was a roach! I made hubby get up and kill it! I think they are the best exterminators! Good luck with your mice!


  5. OMG, yikes!! I would have high-tailed it out the front door and been halfway to Canada by now. I hope they stay gone for good!

  6. UGH, I feel for you! I remember one night my mom and I talking in our living room late and a mouse coming out of NOWHERE and skimpering across the floor--it gave me the creeps!

  7. I was thinking how CUTE your image was and had no clue that it would mean REAL mice in the house. Eeek! I know I'd be freaking out. Even more freaky to me are the giant flying cockroaches we have in Houston. I can't even believe I just wrote that. Even writing it freaks me out!

    Hope you're all clean soon!

  8. What a coincidence. We too have uninvited guests. (for the second time)

  9. OH MY GOSH! This happened to me last month. Well, sort of. I walked into my closet and saw one run accross my hangers! I can't even begin to tell you how loud I screamed! After threatening to move out of the house, hubby went to get some traps. Turns out it was only one, but I really freaked out. I am not a fan of those creatures. at all.

  10. not sure where you're located, but my parents are suddenly having this same problem. they live on a ranch in the texas hill country and while they have critters a plenty, they've never had mice in their house. my mom found two having a pool party in the potty! it must be due to the extreme drought. she is seriously freaked. good luck eliminating them.

    mice...only cute in disney movies!!