Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Days + Phone Picture Dump

Is it really July 19th today?  Really!!??
Where is this summer going?
I already saw the aisles filling with back-to-school supplies at the drugstore.
The air is thick and the temps are sweltering.  
My widows are steaming up in typically late July fashion and the mosquitoes are vicious.  
Tomorrow, Andrew has his swim team championships 
marking the final meet of summer and his last as an 8 & under.  
Say it ain't so.

I usually long for fall by this time each year, but I'm not there yet.
Last night I went on a bike ride with my boys to the library.  
Me on my bright yellow, one speed, beach cruiser 
(yes, I ride a beach cruiser in landlocked southern Ohio, what say you?!)
with the toddler chariot attached to the back, 
huffing and puffing my way to and fro despite our flat terrain, 
with a basket full of slightly overdue library books that were MIA for a few days.

Once home, I put the sprinkler on my poor wilting hydrangeas 
and then ran through the water holding Andrew and Charlie's hands for the next hour.  
Me, in a tank and skirt, totally soaked, and screaming with each icy blast of water... 
Charlie giggling and jumping in an ever expanding diaper...
And Andrew, the only one of us appropriately dressed, in a pair of trunks, calling the shots.  
This sort of impromptu-past bedtime-playing-in-water-silliness, 
that's the part of summer I'm not quite ready to let go of yet.

{andrew & payton, his best bud}

Our unhurried Thursday night Farmer's Market dinners 
where we sit around the fountain eating brick oven pizzas, 
snow cones and drinking mint ice tea while the air is hot 
and the boys throw pennies in the water and occasionally, often unintentionally, dance 
to the sounds of the solo guitarist strumming and singing as the sun begins to set.  
No after school activities, no homework, no obligations.

Leaving Charlie in his jammies while we take Andrew to swim practice each morning.
{This was snapped the day of their pancake breakfast.}

And just being lazy.
No, I'm not quite ready to pick up the pace...
Are you?



  1. Not at ALL ready to pick up the pace. I'm one of those moms who can't wait for school to end and am sad when it starts again.

    I love picturing you on your yellow beach cruiser in the middle of Ohio! I bet you're the star of the village on that bike! Especially if you drape some hyrdrangeas from a basket!


    PS - Your comment on my post today is so dear...just like you. You're a gem, my village friend!

  2. Okay...I so want to leave the hot humidity here in the South and move to your little village. You need a "Life is good" bumper sticker on your bike, since life certainly sounds good there. I am definitely not ready for school. I teach, and we go back next Monday...the students - the following Monday. This is waaaaay too early for me.
    kelly in georgia

  3. These photos truly capture summertime, don't they? Glad you're having a great summer - enjoy!

  4. I know what you mean, Summer just arrived and it is already out the door. Love the pics. I hope you are doing well.

  5. Where has summer gone? I feel ya! I love the phone dump, it's so great about capturing everyday life at its best. Enjoy the remaining days of summer.

  6. Me neither. Is it me or is this summer particularly flying by?? Websites are now advertising their fall collections and I'm like, "what?" Your post definitely reminded me why I love summer so much!! I'm trying to stay in the moment!

  7. What adorable little men! Love that first outfit! The school supply thing is crazy. I really just want to enjoy my summer, and I really don't enjoy being reminded about the next school year that is looming around the corner. Target has been loaded for about a month now - I sure wish they would wait. Your summer is sounding perfect!!! I love all of the fireflies, outdoor movies, and we also have a place near us that sprays the kids with water from a firetruck and has a massive slip and slide. It at a farm and is just so fun and beautiful! Hope you having a great day!

  8. I love beach cruisers!!! You must post a picture of your sunny yellow one! How fun. Love the relaxed pace of summer. Not ready for school to start for Livie on August 8th!

  9. Love the pictures!

    No, I do not want to pick up the pace - I love when my kids are off from school, it is so nice to spend time with them without all of the schedules and school responsibilities!

    keep cool

  10. Tessa, I just love the way you write about your family. You make life seem so simple, special, but most importantly real. What a gift you have for capturing your family's real life and preserving those memories. I love it when you do posts like this. As a mama to a little boy, it makes my heart flutter.

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