Sunday, July 17, 2011

For My Seamstress

This is the easiest way to share pictures with Linda, my incredible seamstress. 
(I hope everyone else doesn't mind reading too!) 
 I have worked with her for YEARS, on our old home and in our current one too.  
She is a master at making gorgeous, no, perfect, window treatments.  
(see, if I bait her with compliments I get better pricing!)  Linda, I'm kidding!!  :)

I am about to unload 45 yards of fabric on her this week....

Here what I'd like her to make with it:

For our bedroom:
Desk skirt/table cover, made out of the natural linen fabric....
Source: via Kara on Pinterest

Full bedskirt also in natural linen, queen size....

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest

Pleated drapes for bedroom, in natural linen, one set of panels with drapery hooks...

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest

Drapery panels for family room, out of the parchment colored linen, 
3 pairs of panels (6 panels total), with drapery hooks.


What would you say the above is??  Inverted pleat? 
 I like how casual it hangs without looking cutesy. 
My flouncy topped drapes in the gold color look too cutesy. 
Usually, I'm not a huge fan of inverted pleats. 
I also like these which I think are inverted. 
(design bloggers, help me out!!)...
Maybe, I'm a bigger fan than I thought!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Thanks, Linda!! (sorry the spacing is out of whack in this post,  I can't seem to fix it! Sorry!) 

You are the best!!


  1. wow! You are making a lot of changes! I can't wait to see what she does for you.

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the end result!

  3. Wow!! I love it all and only wish I had a trusted 'to go to' seamstress!!! That is luxury - no joke!! I can't wait to see the finished products!!

  4. My fingers are bleeding just thinking about poor Lynda! It all looks fabulous and I can't wait to see the finished products in their respective spots. You're going to feel like you're living in a new house with all those changes (:

  5. Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see all the finished products. (I have trouble with spacing my posts when I use Pinterest too..)

  6. Way to knock it all out at once! Can't wait to see! I wish I had a Linda. I'm still trying to get over all that went wrong with my linen panels (and a 6-week timeline that turned into 8 months). I haven't been able to post anything about them because it still makes me ill. But seeing yours when they are finished will put a smile on my face, so do be sure to share!


  7. i think they are just called pinch pleats.

  8. Inverted pleat is when the pleat is on the inside so it appears smooth on the outside. There is also the fan pleat and the butterfly pleat [my personal fav]. The standard is the pinch pleat but you can make them a little more modern and up to date buy taking the pleat from 4 inches to 2 &1/2 or 3. Good luck and can't wait until the reveal of all this loveliness!

  9. I like those natural linen fabric lamp. Well, Those lamp in the first picture is exactly what I am in search of these days. Your arrangement is perfect and unique.

  10. Nice post. I like the Pleated drapes for bedroom, in natural linen, one set of panels with drapery hooks.