Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pretty Green Pins

Some of my favorites from my "Green" Pinterest Board
(my FAVORITE color)

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest

I recently added a green lamp shade to one of my 
fabulous, chunky, old (but new to me) lamps from the Rustic Rooster
(Their arrival caused THIS styrofoam peanut party a while back.)

Her sister sits behind our living room sofa in a burlap shade 
(sorry iphone pic here. and I know I need a clear light bulb in the lamp too! :)) 
along with some GREEN flowers which have since passed 
but I'm just trying to tie this post together some how, I can see I'm off 
on a tangent here.  Didn't plan on posting pics of my lamps...

That's all for now.
Happy Thursday to you!!

ps. as for my playlist...well, decided to remove the autoplay feature!!  here i was blaming it on some glitch with my new computer.  i still don't love my Mac, but at least we like each other, which is a big improvement from our former non-speaking terms.  baby steps! anyway, i cannot add auto play back, so if you want to listen to the music it's still on shuffle and you can hear it by pressing the play button on the sidebar.


  1. LOVE green! I am in love with that green library up there and am adding it to my files. Love your green shade the gold banding on it. Fabulous examples of green glory!!
    Stop by its the last day for my Kilim bench giveaway...

  2. You are the best pinner ever! And I'm loving your lamps! Happy almost Weekend! xx.

  3. Green's my favorite color, too :)

  4. Hello there.. I never ever comment, but had to come out of lurkdom to comment regarding your Mac!

    I hated my MAC with a capital H when we got it at Christmas... just did not see what all the fuss was about and couldn't believe the koolaid everyone else must have been drinking....

    Well here it is 6 months later and I am finally getting it! It is a huge learning curve for a pc lover like me.. but now I get it.. the Ical and mail apps are fantastic and the functionality can not be beat. I signed up for onetoone and went as many times as I could.. I still have a long way to go.. but now I fight the kids for it, and tell them to go to use PC laptop!!

    So give it a couple more months!!

  5. thanks, meg! that's encouraging to hear!! :)

  6. Lovin the green and all the photos! I'm planning on making a few decor changes this summer once I'm out of school. Thanks for the ideas.


  7. Thank you for this - green makes me smile!

  8. I'm more of a blue gray person than green, but you of all people could make me like it. :) You will love your Mac someday very, very soon! I promise! And I ma be weird, but I can't read and listen to music at the same time, so I kinda like this new change. :)


  9. kelly in georgiaJune 18, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    Must be something about summer...I normally gravitate to blues, but last week, I took down my curtains in the dining room and kitchen and made new green ones for in there. Loving the fresh look they made! Question about your lampshade. I looked at that one in PB, but was afraid it made the light from it too dark. Do you find that to be the case? I am a lover of not sure I will love the dark shade.
    Thanks for your input.
    Kelly in Georgia

  10. Hi kelly... even though i love green, the green lamp shade was a bit out of character for me. but it works. i too like a lot of light, and wasn't too sure, but it add such a pretty color to our room. i have 2 small chandeliers, a standing lamp and another table lamp in the space so i don't need it to be bright. most of the light comes out the top of the shade, sort of like a with a black lampshade. you could always try it and then return it if you aren't happy with it! :)