Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love At First Sight

With this Nantucket home featured in Coastal Living
Especially the bedroom...

And this fabric...

It's going in our bedroom too, just not sure where yet.

Their kitchen isn't too shabby either...

I blogged these images simply so I could pin them! Ha!!
(On Pinterest that is. Get with the program people!  
Just kidding, I know a lot of my friends read this blog and 
they might not be down with my new blogging vernacular!!)

It's Friday tomorrow!!!
Hope you all had a fast and fabulous week!!

P.S. This marks my 3rd post in a matter of days.  
I'm back folks, I'm BACK!!
Ok, not really. Still WAAAAY behind on blog reading.  
Getting there though!



  1. Love that kitchen island made from an antique butcher block and legs...just gorgeous and with that great big chalkboard, what a beautiful and family friendly kitchen..makes me want to have a space like that for casual pizza nights with family and friends...beautiful!!

  2. Tessa,
    I will try to get with the program ha!

    Completely in love with the kitchen - the chalkboard too - I'm still not over that.


  3. Oh, I love the kitchen table and chalkboard too. The sink, the light fixtures, everything is perfect!

  4. I love that kitchen, I'm so re-pinning it from you!


  5. LOVE that kitchen!!! Drool.....

  6. Such pretty spaces! I adore that kitchen and really enjoyed that article about this house. I too have been super busy - So hard to keep up with the blogging. I've been reading, but don't always comment just because I have to be fast and my May posts are few too! Family first right! Luckily summer is just around the bend! Hope you have a great weekend! I always enjoy reading!

  7. I love those curtains!!!

    We really enjoyed the chicken recipe and we will make it again for sure. I didn't have tumeric on hand, have always wanted to try it, though. Do you feel like this probably alters the overall taste? I also omitted the mint, as I'm not a huge fan of it, unless it's in a dessert or tea. Am I missing out completely?

  8. Hey Tiffany, add turmeric next time, it changes the taste and adds wonderful color. as for skipping the mint, I would add some diced cucumbers and green onions to the yogurt to give it a little more flavor instead! my boys really like it. hope miss stella did too!! :)

  9. Thanks for the tips - I will try all of them next time! Stella eats air only it seems. I can't wait for the day she is no longer so picky and eats dinner with us! You're lucky you have adventurous eaters!

  10. Love how the kitchen look. Especially the chalkboard.. Very cute!