Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Curb Appeal

The time has come to say goodbye to our slightly drab exterior.
Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic because I do like it the way it is, 
but I don't love it and you really should LOVE your exterior. No?
So, come the end of summer we are slapping a whole lotta paint up on our house --
the brick, the siding, the windows, trim, gutters, shutters. ALL. OF. IT.
Surprisingly, I kinda/sorta (that sounds very convincing, I know!)
already know what I want. Shocker!
To be honest, I found a home in our neighborhood that I liked,
knocked on the door and asked if I could borrow their paint colors.
Oh yes I did!
They happen to be friends and I knew they were about to make a color change
so I didn't feel too bad about being a copycat.
Gathering inspiration and pondering color schemes was fun.
Here are some favorites from Pinterest and my files.
(yes, I'm officially completely addicted to that website!  SOS!!)

White Paint + White Washed Brick + Black Shutters
So classic and would work beautifully on our home if our roof was back or dark gray.
It is not.

Source: None via Tessa on Pinterest

Blue Gray + White + Black Shutters
I have always loved this combination, but it's not right for our home.
I like it better on a Cape too.

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest

Yellow + White
If I had chosen colors 2 years ago, these would have been the ones.
But a crisp white trim isn't right for us either.
It doesn't flow with the interior which is all bone white walls
and gray trim and a yellow house NEEDS crisp white trim!

Or we could skip paint all together and just grow ivy and vines up our home.
(cue my parents cringing and shaking their heads no.  
we had it growing up and while beautiful, it's a big headache.)

In the end we chose a rather neutral palette.
Dark Taupey Gray + Ivory

Source: via Tessa on Pinterest



  1. what an exciting project!!! and i love the color combo you chose. i would have chosen the exact same. can't wait to see the results. it's going to look amazing! hope you are enjoying your summer so far. xo g

  2. Your new colors will be beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love the colors, can't wait to see it!


  4. I wish our brick was whitewashed!!! Love that look...

  5. Love your choice and I've enjoyed seeing your selections on Pinterest too!

  6. I can't wait to see your new colors! We have to paint our front door and shutters - I'm still undecided!

  7. Wait...climbing ivy is a hassle? I've been dying to start growing it even though my mom tells me not to b/c it brings lots of lizards to your house. I like what you chose, though!

  8. That first photo makes me all kinds of happy. Woudl you believe I hired a professional consultant to narrow down my paint colors (I was pretty focused on a natural, creamy stone color and blue gray window trim), then hired a painter who told me my house didn't need painting and that I should just save the money and wait a few years? Love his honesty, but I so wanted to paint!

  9. What an impacting project! Love all the photos and really love the idea of white washed brick. There is a home on my drive to school that is very close to what you have shared. I admire it both morning and afternoon.

    Have a great weekend ~

  10. i'm addicted to pinning also. in fact, i haven't blogged in forever.....and i rarely look at them. i hope you'll share before and after pics. it'll look great!

  11. I so want to paint my house white...but just like white inside, I know it will get so dirty and always need power washing....whaaaaaa. Love what you picked out.

  12. I'm now in the same boat and cannot decide which color do paint our red brick house! Do you have any idea where to start to get these colors, I love this!:

    Thank you!!!