Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm sorry I wasn't the best blogger in May.
I fully intended to do a nice lengthy update post chronicling all we've been up to lately,
but now it seems daunting, so I'll just recap our weekend instead.

It definitely feels like summer.
Temps in the 90s, dirty, skinned knees on my boys, Crocs by the door,
water gun battles, towels on the fence, and sunscreen on our skin.

Saturday night Charlie & Andrew slept at my parents, while
Jimmy and I went to a cocktail party at the adorable home of
our friends, Kendra & Biff.
They live in a quaint 1920s Tudor a few streets away from us.
I've been friends with Kendra since 6th grade!
It was a fun way to welcome summer, sipping champagne
under a big tent strung with white lights in their backyard.
And without worrying about getting back for a sitter,
we stayed out well past our bedtime!!

(Kendra and I)

(the hosts)

Sunday, our neighbors across the street hosted their annual Memorial Day Luau.
They block off a portion of our street to help contain all the children.
They always make this yummy pork for all the 100s of friends they invite.
I believe it's a recipe they mastered when they lived in Hawaii.
My children didn't last too long.
Both were very sleepy from being up late on Saturday
and we all turned in a bit early.

(a small handful of some neighborhood girls)

Today we managed to get dressed, eat breakfast, 
and make it out the door in time for our village Memorial Day
parade. There is something so charming about the whole scene.  
If I'd been a bit less chatty I would have captured some better pictures, but these will have to do.  

(yes, I am one of those Moms that let my children wear cartoon character t-shirts. 
C loves Spiderman all of a sudden and this is one of 3 shirts he is willing to wear. 
The other 2 are PJs! I pick my battles wisely!!)

(C and his best bud, Elliot)

The rest of the day was spent at the pool along with everyone else in town.
It will be HAAARD to wake up for a typical school day tomorrow.
I feel like our children are the last to still be in school for the year!!

This last pic is of my friend, Lyndsey, at the Luau.  
Her sweet mother is a faithful blog reader, so this one is for her!!!  
Thanks so much for reading!!! 



  1. That looks like a fabulous weekend!!! We wore ourselves out too! Your town looks lovely!

  2. Looks like you had such a nice weekend! The party looks so relaxing, and that photo of you and your friend is so adorable!

  3. We are already all sleeping till 9 am!

  4. You did much better than I did in may! The last month of school seems to consume my life! Looks like you had a great weekend! Hugs!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend! I'm with you on the weather - it suddenly turned here, too, so we cooled off at the pool as much as possible. And, new Crocs are arriving in the mail soon (hopefully!) for the kids. Summer has officially arrived when they sport those all of the time, huh? :)

  6. Hello summer! Nothing like going from 60 to 90 in a matter of days!

    I abide by the same "pick your battles" policy. If it's clean, fits, and matches relatively well, I figure what's the harm. It's certainly better than the alternative!

  7. OMW! You are one of "those " moms! Hee hee...

    My rule was "cartoons belong on underwear and pajamas only". My poor boys.