Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Knicks, Dings and Spills

I'm posting from my iPhone since my computer bit the dust this morning. I should have known better than to let C watch Scooby and drink at the same time. A few drops of water and I started to hear a sizzling sound and then all went dark. I learned it would cost between $400-800 to fix. For a 2 year old computer that didn't make much sense, so a Mac Book it is. That new purchase put a big ol dent in our bedroom decorating plans, but when I think of the poor families in Missouri I can hardly complain.

In other news and stories of my poor judgement, we had a severe, almost tornado like storm on Monday night that drove Andrew into a panic attack and a large branch into my windshield. In a brilliant move I left my car outside under our 100 year old elm that is known to shed branches b/c I was afraid we'd lose power and I didn't want the garage door stuck with my car inside. Brilliant, I know!! Some weeks I just don't have it! But I did finally figure out how to make my new phone ring!! That only took me a couple weeks. :) Now how to attach pictures to this post....?????
Back in a few days...


  1. Oh Tessa, scary storms indeed. I feel bad about your computer, but hey, now you can get a fancy new Macbook, that's exciting. You can open the garage door even if the power is out, I had to help my friend lift her garage door after her three year old son broke it, we managed to get it open. Aren't iPhones so much fun? You have to add the Instagram App, it's free and so much fun!!!

  2. How scary! I'm just glad you're all okay. Take care, Nicole

  3. This sounds like me a few weeks ago. Bummer!

  4. So sorry about the computer and the car. I'm trying to catch up on my blogs. Sorry for not being around. I highly recommend the Mac Book Pro. I love it! I do think it is worth the money although my husband my disagree.

  5. So glad you are ok! But your judgement call did make me giggle... ;)

  6. Oh Tessa! I'm sorry for your bummer week! You will love your new imac though! : ) How scary to have a tornado warning - I'm so glad that you're all ok!
    xo Melissa