Thursday, May 12, 2011

iphone, Pinterest and youtube

If there's one thing that remains pretty consistent about me, it is my SSLLLLOOOOWWW adoption of new technology.  It sort of amazes me that I even blog.

This past week I was the last person on the planet to get an iphone. Now, I don't know why I put up with my other one for as long as I did.  Handy dandy little gizmo it is!

To really go out on a limb I attempted to post a video of my scintillating lunch conversation with Charlie to youtube.  It worked.  Sort of.  Not sure why the image is so small. Anyone?  Maybe I was supposed to turn the phone horizontally? Anyway, if you ever wonder what lunch is like with a 2 yr old, take a peek.  Also, for all of you that have never heard my voice, I am slightly mortified at how borderline "baby-talk" it sounds. If this is how I really sound no wonder C occasionally screams at me! :) Good thing my interest in a career in broadcast journalism was VERY short lived!

2.  In other technology news, I opened a Pinterest account!  I haven't "pinned" much yet, but I will.  So if you want to peek further into my inspiration files, you can follow along here. (Elizabeth, when you first suggested it I had no idea what Pinterest was!  And Holly, thank you for giving me the push I needed to figure it out!!)

That's all for now.  But I'll be back soon.  Because... We are having  H-U-G-E yard sale in a couple weeks. HUGE! And I have some pretty home home stuff I'm going to post on the blog should any of you be interested prior to the sale.

PS.  *UPDATE*  Dinner Last Night: Andrew - grilled cheese & carrots, Charlie - pumpkin bread and yogurt.  So much for my planning!! Ha!!


  1. Oh, and I love the video! That is so sweet. Perfect song too.

  2. I have never tried Pinterest...

  3. Oh, ha. I think the music was just from your blog playlist - not necessarily related to the video.

  4. I keep hearing and seeing so much about this the concept but am intimidated as I am by all new things that seem remotely techy but then again just four months ago thought the idea of starting a blog was way out of my league too now look at me, haha! Good post...and will go back and see if that too might be within my grasp...looks like a lot of fun and its a great concept! I keep hearing the same thing about the iphone..once you get it thats it! I still have my little trusty for now I am OK but gotta admit everyone was right....about my MAC, which I totally love, my Dell seemed to antiquated when I got my MAC. Great post.

  5. You're not the last person that doesn't have an iphone!! Think that would be me - yup! I have a cheapo nokia (that I got for free)!!

  6. I'll make you feel better and tell you you're not the last one to get an iphone... I dont' have one yet... I will come August when my husband gets my new phone credit and I take over the iphone he just got the other day. Also I too just opened up a pinterest account, I'm in love. I haven't figured it out completely yet but I'm learning. Just another time sucker upper!


  7. Tessa, this made me laugh because my husband and I just got iphones this week, too! I was pretty sure we were the last people in the United States with flip phones. I still haven't tackled pinterest yet...I can only handle so much technology at once :) By the way, I'm loving my iphone! How about you?

  8. Kindred spirits, you & I! I still have what was probably the free flip phone and my friends make fun of me!

    I have had no luck getting on Pinterest but sweet Julie from Milk & Honey just invited me - there goes the weekend! I have yet to start pinning but am following you. I have a feeling I will love all of your pins.

  9. I'll get the awed for being the only design oriented person out there who doesn't pin! ;)

    Sometimes dinner plans get derailed here, too. As long as it's natural, I'm fine with it. Sometimes you've just got to go with the flow. :)


  10. Adorable video! Love the kiss at the end! I'm a new Pinterest user too - thanks to Holly's post. Enjoying following your pins!