Monday, April 11, 2011

Time For A Makeover

For our neglected master bedroom.
Maybe this post would have more aptly been titled "somebody call 911".
Because that is what I did. 
Well, not 911, but my girl, Holly.

This room and adjoining sitting room/office
(which I'm not going to show you b/c it is a MESS)
have been virtually untouched since we moved in FOUR years ago.

Here's what we are starting with...
I'd like to keep the green and cream check headboard and bed skirt.
I'm open to all sorts of paint - paint walls & ceiling, paint furniture, paint trim.
I'd even consider wallpaper because I think it would be so cozy in this room.

I can't figure the window treatments out.
I adore these casement windows,
but with the sloped ceiling I don't know if
I should do long drapes or a flat roman shade?
I have a few pretty accessories I'd like to keep, like this lamp.

 I'm adding some new art (yes, those won from the recent auction)
Starting with these 5 gorgeous antique bird prints.
They are already in linen mats in a fabulous color,
I'm just going to add very simple, thin gold frames.

a close up...
And these two oil paintings.  
I could not get a picture that did them any justice.
The ornate frames are being replaced.

A little inspiration...

I want to keep the colors green & cream.
I love that color combination, especially in a bedroom.
I want the room to feel cozy & classic.
I'll keep you posted on the process. 
I'm sure many ideas will change once Holly starts to work her magic.


  1. Love your bed and bedding! The floral pillows are really pretty! Your new artwork will be great and I'm sure the after will be stunning - especially since this is the before. Looking forward to seeing your updates and Holly's ideas. She is so talented!

  2. My heart skipped a beat when you mentioned your neglected master bedroom. Our is in the same boat. I can't stand it. It has a hideous border, left over from the previous owners, and we've been in the house 5 years next month. I would love for it to be an oasis, a special place just for my husband and I. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I know it will be beautiful. It's not bad now, if you saw pictures of mine, you would think yours looked amazing already! xo

  3. Oh how fun! I adore everything Holly does - seriously! This is going to be good. And those bird prints are gorgeous.

  4. I love your inspiration and your bedroom is so serene!! I adore your blue and white lamp with all the silver pictures on your dresser!! Love that! I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  5. You defintely have a great room with which to work. I know what it's like to live with a previous owner's design (previous owners + floral wallpaper = not-so-jazzed current owners). Love your ideas - can't wait to see the evolution! (I really like your silver-framed family photos - very nice touch.)

  6. You're starting point is already so much prettier than most people's "before" pictures! That said, I'm dying to see what Holly advises here...good luck!

  7. I've been secretly hoping you and Holly would come up with some more eye candy! I love everything she has done for your home so far and love your style. Can't wait to see the after, although the before looks pretty great too!


  8. Hi Tessa,

    Your bedroom hardly looks neglected-it's beautiful! However, I know you and Holly will come up with an even more beautiful space. Also, thanks for the reply yesterday.


  9. LOVELY! I love what you already have!

  10. oh can't wait to see what you two come up with!

  11. So much to love, Tessa! Such as the bird pics, paintings, a whole mess of silver framed pics, which I've been wanting to do myself. Your room looks so serene and is a soft, creamy palette like mine. I used to have dark French blue walls, which was fun, but now this softness is so peaceful and calming that I'll never do anything but in my bedroom. I like the direction you're going in. The fabric choices reminds me of a line I like, Jane Shelton, which I've been eyeing myself. I loved your dining room transformation so I'm excited to see this one, too!