Friday, April 15, 2011

My Honey Pies

Oh heavens, my boys are yummy. 

 Weeks like this one filled with sun, 
trips to the zoo, long walks, playtime outside,
watching Charlie smell every flower he sees,
seeing Andrew skip for no reason, dinners on the patio, 
watching Jimmy playing with his boys. 
Well, they just make me happy. 
 Because we all know this isn't the way life always is,
but, boy oh boy, when it's good I soak it all up. 

Including sights like this one, that I caught while driving to lunch today with some girlies...
Let me help you decipher what's in my little Biscuit's tractor....
Thursday was hands down the highlight of his week. 
Thanks to an entire day of this...
.He can't decide - baseball bat or blower, baseball bat or blower?
Sometimes he has one of each.
 All boy, this one. ALL BOY!

He doesn't say much, in fact I probably need to get on top of that,
but a couple phrases he's got down are

"Mama, hit ball?"
"I see bower" (blower), 
"I see edger"

And because I use this blog to capture little snapshots of my children,
I would be remiss not to mention that
Charlie refuses to call the Easter Bunny a "Bunny". 
He keeps saying "Mouse". 

We've seen bunnies in shops and in the mall and 
our conversation typically goes a little something like this...

Me:  "Charlie do you want to see the Easter Bunny."
Charlie: "Sure, peas" (meaning please.  we've gone from "ok" to "sure" to "sure, peas")
Charlie (very loudly): "I see mouse"
Me: "Do you see the bunny?"
Charlie: " Hiiii Mouse"
Me: "Bunny"
Charlie: "No, mouse"
I give up!

Enjoy your weekends and your honey pies!!


  1. Oh those sweet boys! These pictures made me smile so much! But the bunny.....I mean mouse...made me giggle. That is so similar to what my Charlie does these days. Love it!

  2. your boys are precious...they grow so fast! My oldest just turned 11 this past week. Where has the time gone????

  3. There's so much sweetness in this post that I can feel it all the way down here in Houston! And you are right about that being my kind of dinner! Yum! You go, Feingold Fresh Food Mama!