Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Master Bedroom Musings...

I've had a pleasant little distraction this week as Holly and I began talking
fabrics and wallpaper options for our master bedroom.

I'll give you a peak soon. 
They are GOR-GE-OUS! 
I've dipped my toe in the designer fabric water
and while I've always been one to try find a similar look with a less expensive fabric,
I'm not so sure I can go back now.
Spending hours (well, at least the two hours I have to myself at the end of the day,
when my babes are tucked in and asleep,
when "mama" isn't being said screamed every 5 minutes seconds,
and I have a teeny bit of energy left before I officially conk out for the night)
looking at the gorgeousness that is Schumacher, Thibaut, Sister Parish, Kravet, and Peter Duhman. 

I've got a few favorites, but we've got a way to go before narrowing it down. 
I fell pretty hard for this one...

till we decided the scale was too big (boo!) for my little space, so we moved on.

I'm also loving all the green & white Sister Parish fabrics & papers. 

 I was reminded of this house
 I saw in Coastal Living a couple months ago
I saved the living room image for the ivory drapes (family room project)
There is something so fresh, yet traditional & timeless about her patterns.

and the Sister Parish wallpaper in this beautiful bathroom from Elizabeth Dinkle
(when you've got time, go check out her gorgeous portfolio!)
Brentwood Regency Estate eclectic powder room
But my favorite wallpaper (yes, Holly, I do think (think) I have a favorite now)
Well, I'm saving that for a bit later.



  1. I love it all - Love that living room from Coastal Living - so fun, elegant and timeless! Can't wait to see what you two come up with! When we buy our new house I'm going to need to have Holly on speed dial!

  2. Oh, wow! I love the first one (too big, boo indeed!), but the green and whites are beautiful, too. And that bathroom pic--I am seriously jealous. I can't wait to see what you choose!

  3. Ahh, yes, once you let yourself experience the finer fabrics it is hard to go back to more affordable options. I could quite literally bankrupt my household buying designer goods:) Loving all these selections, I can't imagine what your favorite is...please share soon!

    Amy R.

  4. Hello,

    You have me sooo intrigued. I love all the swatches above. I especially love the first picture of the green fabric.
    Very exciting for you!
    Have a good night.

  5. Lucky lucky luckyyyyyy girl!! I would go nuts, too. Can't wait to see what you pick.

    I satisfy my designer cravings by buying remnants and making throw pillows! And then changing them out one by one a year later....

  6. Decisions, decisions … love them all. There are some amazing fabrics out there right now that make the choices overwhelming!

    After many years of despising wallpaper {having removed many layers from previous homes} I’m feeling the urge to introduce some to our walls. I’ll have to spend some time figuring out to “convince” my husband this is a good idea ;)


  7. What fun! I love all of these!

  8. I've got it... Every wall should be different wallpaper selection. Like a patchwork quilt! Just kidding... lol I'm hoping to get a new client that wants wallpaper soon. I miss it from the last bathroom I did. Great choices! Love all of them! Did you get the lamps yet? :)

  9. All your taste and your eye. The green and white is so pleasing, fresh and calming. You can't go wrong..that bathroom picture is beauitful.

  10. I love all of those choices, and though I only "know" you through the virtual world, they are SO you! Does that make sense? I love green, so I love them all. I can't wait to see the final reveal!