Thursday, April 21, 2011

In Honor of Earth Day

Do you know that tomorrow is Earth Day? 
 I bet if you have a school age child in your house you do. 
I've heard about it every day for the last two weeks. 
So while some mothers will use the day to teach
 their children about caring for our planet, recycling ,
 using sustainable products, eating organic. 
Others might encourage wild animal play in mounds of STYROFOAM peanuts. 
A million and one things seemed so wrong with this
on the day before Earth Day! 
Though technically, I could argue I was "recycling" packaging materials into toys. 

Alexandra, I blame this all on you...
Curious what required so many peanuts?
I'll show you next week.
this took 10x longer to clean up than it did to play in,
with far less enthusiasm from the savages.
Happy Earth Day to you tomorrow!


  1. Oh, what fun! I was totally thinking that the clean-up was not so much fun. Great memories...with peanuts:) Happy Earth Day to you!!

    Amy R.

  2. I'm laughing so hard at this! I'm not going to show my boys these photos or they will want to jump through the computer screen and join the fun. Looks like a blast even if the clean up was not so much.

  3. I loooooove Rustic Rooster!! What did you get???

  4. I do too, Julie! I even got to visit when we were in CA last summer. Such a charming little shop. I bought a fabulous pair of big chunky lamps. I'll post some pics. next week cause I want opinions on lamp shades. Can't seem to make a decision on my own these days! :)


  5. I love checking out the Rustic Rooster blog...can't wait to see your lamps!

    I remember when I used to hear about Earth day everyday too.
    The kiddos look like they had a great time in the peanuts.

  6. They look like they are having a blast! When I was little I loved playing with bubble wrap (and I still do!)

  7. OK, hold on...Earth Day is today? On Good Friday? Interesting! I picture you as more of a Good Friday girlthan an Earth Day girl...not that we shouldn't be good stewards of God's creation! :)

    I like the sound of Rustic Rooster. Never heard of it. Can't wait to see what's inside!

    Happy Easter! He is risen!

  8. You are such a fun mom! I can only imagine the cleaning job of all those static cling!

  9. You are such a fun Mommy! Your boys are truly blessed! Happy Easter, my friend!

  10. I love to stir up a little trouble! love this post! lol I'll be right over to clean up! ;)