Sunday, April 24, 2011


I hope your Easter was lovely!
Here are a few (ok, maybe more than a few) pictures of ours.
It was a small Easter this year, with the cousins away.
The day began early in our home...
(please excuse the harsh flash, I didn't have time to grab the right one)
Hunting high and low for hidden eggs in their PJs.
No there weren't any in the hall closet.
I hid the eggs so late the night before, I couldn't remember where I put half of them.
I think a few are still waiting to be found.  Whoops.

Playing with and eating the little treasures inside.
It was dark and rainy outside, so all the action stayed in.
I had no idea bubbles would leave spots all over my rug, but they did!

Gorilla shaped lollipop and a shiny new whistle - life is good!
(I was a big fan of these pretty all natural lollipops ordered from here)

Later in the day we packed up and headed to my parents for a late brunch.
(I know, I know, time to remove the paci.  Soon.  Maybe.)

The weather was grim.

But just look at the loveliness inside that my Mum created.

Spinach strata - my favorite, roasted tomatoes with basil, hashbrown potatoes, ham, pumpkin bread, chocolate muffins,  black & white angel food cake, and fresh fruit.
Yum, right?

There was lots of hugging.

Maybe a little food induced coma for the hubs too...
I actually snuck up to the guest room (my old room) and caught a 30 minute cat nap myself -
I think my giant mimosa knocked me out.
Now, any mother of little peeps knows what a luxury that is! (the nap AND the mimosa, that is)

For a brief hour or so the rain stopped and the boys could play outside.
Charlie wasted no time discovering new lawn equipment.
Any hopes I had of a family picture in Easter attire were dashed after I saw Charlie in his post nap get-up: Lego T from his Easter basket, jammie pants, and boots. 
No way was he taking off his new Lego shirt b/c it was just like brother's.
And if there is one person in the world this little guy idolizes it is his big brother!
(and maybe the lawn care workers too)

 Finally I have to show you this tree...

22 years ago, when Jimmy and I were in high school, he gave my parents a tiny little
seedling, no bigger that 12 inches.  My parents planted it in the corner of their front yard.
I doubt anyone expected it to survive.
I doubt anyone expected I'd marry the boy I was dating when I was 16 either.
I love seeing this tree grow from year to year.
A little like the story of our relationship.

Tonight I nestled C in bed and as I was stroking his hair and cheek, I quietly whispered
what a fun day it has been, and all the things we saw and did. 
When I was finished he said,
"Mama, I saw bunny.  I saw bunny. I saw BUNNY"
By George, I think he finally figured out it wasn't an Easter "Mouse"

So, however you celebrate Easter..
whether it is praising the wonder, sacrifice,
and promise of an everloving God,
or the birth of Spring,
the renewal of beauty and life after the dead of winter,
I pray it leaves you with peace & contentment in
the corners of your heart!



  1. Great pics Tess and cute comments.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share a post on this day. Your pictures make me want my 20something year old kids to be little again! We spent a busy day celebrating God's love and the 80th birthday (today!) of my father here in hot and sunny Georgia. Loved your blouse in the photo. Can you share where you got it?

  3. Looks like a great day despite the yucky weather. You and your family are adorable!

  4. Yay! The BUNNY came! :) It looks like you had a perfect Easter.....minus the weather. Our weather here really was fabulous. I can't remember such a warm and beautiful Easter, either. The boys couldnt be any cuter! Love little Charlie's outfit! Perfect for spreading fertlizer! My Charlie ended up running around the pool in just a diaper (you can imagine why!) What are we going to do with our C's? Have a wonderful week!

  5. kelly - my blouse is from Banana Republic, but it is a couple years old.

  6. That looks like a perfect Easter Sunday indeed! Your boys are so sweet and the Easter Brunch looked delicious. I was able to crawl into bed for a cozy nap today too. Love days like that. Happy Easter!

  7. What a sweet post. What is it about taking naps at your parents house that is just the best? And I love the story about the neat! Happy Easter!!! xo

  8. Tessa, thank you for answering my question (even if I won't be able to find your cute hoo.)

  9. You know I'm loving that all natural lollipop! Easter is glorious!

    Happy Monday!

  10. What a wonderful post! Your mother's table looks gorgeous - she did such a lovely job! Yep, we enjoyed the same lovely weather you did. I'm so over the rain. It never let up here, so our kids were bouncing off the walls most of the day. But, it was great spending time with family. (Great photo of you with your son - your sons are adorable!)

  11. I am still giggling over your well dressed gardener! He is just too darn cute in his "outfit" and wellies :) Looks like you and your family had a lovely Easter. The table setting looks so pretty and your tree is such a sweet story that will grow along with your marriage.

    Hope you enjoyed some sunshine today ~

  12. HEllo,

    Happy Easter to you too. Beautiful post!
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh my gosh, two years ago I had to sleep off a mimosa o. Easter Sunday (in the grandmother's recliner.

  14. that is an awesome Ester celebration!