Monday, March 7, 2011

House Hunting in Charlotte

No, not me, but if you know someone who is, I have the most perfect & charming cottage for you.
One of my nearest and dearest college friends, Sarah, is selling her home.

Here we are, in what would no doubt be called vintage Benetton and  J. Crew, our freshman year at Indiana (Go Hoosiers!).  Harking back to the days when gold chains, corduroy walking shorts with tights, and hair bows were fashionable (or at least we thought they were).  I finally retired the hair bows by my Sophomore year, thank you very much! :)

And just to ensure we'll remain friends after I post this,
here is Sarah with her beautiful children today...

Sarah moved to Charlotte after she married another fellow IU alum. (Hi, Arnold!)  They just put their home on the market and it's so adorable, preppy & classic, just like Sarah, I had to share it with all of you.  And since I've got a few Southern gals who read this blog, you just never know....

I love the exterior with the red brick peeking through the faded white paint.
I can assure you the landscaping is impeccable too.
 Yummy thick baseboard moldings, pretty windows, beautiful light.
It probably always looks this tidy too.
 Apple green paint with white painted built-ins
and the antique chandelier -- cottage perfection!
They refinished the cabinets, added marble counters and updated appliances when they moved in.
Can you spot the sweet silhouettes above?
We have very similar taste.  Always have!
You should have seen us planning our weddings.
We got married exactly two weeks apart, and discussed EVERY detail together.
(Back in the days before children when we could talk for hours whenever the need arose.)
Our first children (both boys) were born just 48 hours apart.
Ok, I digress.  Back to the house...
See?  All put together just right. And a gorgeous backyard to boot!
Now go call your Southern friends!
Here is a link to the listing and virtual tour if you are interested...


  1. it's perfect! my sister lives in Charlotte but I don't think they are planning on house shopping... she's too busy planning a wedding. Too cute though!


  2. What a great house. I hope your friend sells quickly!!
    ps. love your flashback pic!

  3. I think I had the same sweater as Sarah back in the day! Wish I had her cute house now! Good luck selling!

  4. I have a friend moving to Charlotte later this summer, and they've just begun to house hunt. If you email me the realty company listing, I'll forward it to her. It is a charming house!

  5. It's a sweet and charming home with lovely decor. I'm already paying rent for a home in NC ~ it's not as sweet and filled with young men!

    Good luck on the sale ~
    PS I think I had the same outfit with matching bow back in the day! Ha

  6. Her house makes me want to pick up and move to NC. The built in book shelves in the dining room are my favorite!

  7. awesome home...wishing her lots of luck with the move...

  8. What a fabulous, cozy spot to call home!


    P.S. Im dying over your hair bow!

  9. Your friends home is so well done! I can't imagine it will be for sale for long. You two are too cute in your old photo!

  10. What a perfect little house - I want to live there!

    Your fellow bowhead...

    oh p.s. those kiddos are pretty precious, too!

  11. oh, how I remember cord. knee shorts with tights and flats and a big bulky sweater!

    Love the house...praying it sells ever so quickly!

    it's pure goodness, so I can't imagine that it won't!

  12. OMG! If I lived anywhere even close to Charlotte, I'd snatch that house right up. It is seriously close to my dream house (if the kitchen was just a little larger). I wish I could find something like it here! Your friend should have NO trouble selling it.

  13. Hi,

    I just have a quick question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back @ when you get a chance?


  14. Okay, that could have been a photo pulled from my college album. Bow heads, unite! Seriously, you two look adorable and she has a beautiful family! My inlaws live in Charlotte - great town. Best of luck to her on the sale of her house - it's just lovely. Hopefully it will sell soon!

  15. Oh, if only I lived in Charlotte! So charming!

  16. That house is darling. We lived in Charlotte for almost two years. Love Charlotte. That house looks like it might be in Myers Park. Love that architecture.

  17. Hey.. found you through Jo at Bees and Fleurdelis. We live in Charlotte but own 2 homes..since we got married last year. If we could sell one we would be interested!

  18. i love that house! I haven't looked at the link to see how many bedrooms, etc. but my cousin and her family are moving from Rhode Island to N.C this summer. I'm not sure if this is the area they are interested in or not, but I'll forward it. She would love the charm it has!

  19. This house makes me want to move to Charlotte...super cute! I love the kitchen! I dream of living somewhere where the winters aren't so LONG!

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