Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Shopping

Hello, friends!
Are you like me, at the first change of seasons you open your closet
and realize you have absolutely nothing to wear?

Sometimes even a virtual shopping trip helps.
Here's what I bought today.
In my mind.

Because the truth is, if I had the $1000 plus it would cost to buy these 10 items of clothing,
I would get much more joy spending that money on things for the house.
Love cute clothes, but love a pretty home even more.

(clothes & jewels from j.crew and anthropologie, shoes from boden)


  1. Cute, cute , cute!!!! But just saw this mirror for above the mantel?? And I should lose 10 lbs.before shopping. the mirror is one size fits all :)
    Mary ann

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  3. love your finds...that black ruffle bathing suit is perfection.

    I've done the same thing.....looked in my closet to find that I really need to add a few new items....

    mostly need tops.....and cute summer skirts/dresses....oh, and some shoes...

    :) better get started adding one thing at a time....

  4. ohh! love the bathing suit and ruffle jacket!!!!! but i agree with you...when ever i have extra money..i end up buying for the house... :)

  5. I'm much more of a "spend my money on antiques" kind of girl... Those clothes are cute, cute. You can't go wrong with black, navy, khaki, or stripes!!!

  6. You can be my "personal shopper"!!!!!!
    Love your selections, but like you I'd rather purchase something for the house.