Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MLS Stalking

Occasionally, I browse the local MLS.
It's a bit dangerous for me given my love for houses.
I start to get the crazy notion that it would be fun to sell and buy another.
(Hello, Jimmy, Mum & Dad, don't think I can't see you rolling your eyes!!)
This one has some serious POTENTIAL.
Wanna see??
 SOOO much prettier in person.
I drove by?

 The dining room...
 Needs a little work.
 Nix the chandelier, but yay for the wallpaper.

The kitchen...
 Oh, BIG kitchen.  I have plans for you!!!
 Hmmm, strange triangle window with valuted ceiling. 
The 80s were a bad, bad time for architecture.
I bet this was remodeled and added on then.
Don't worry, I can fix it!
Starting with the lights.

Living room...
Gorgeous fireplace.  Not so gorgeous wall color.

Family Room...
Goodbye, salmon paint.

and lastly, one of the children's rooms.
Cute as a button, right??!!

So what would I use for inspiration?
(I'm a bit crazy over this boy room.  Don't have to move to replicate this.  LOVE it!!)
 Can't you just see it??!!

Don't worry, I'm staying put for a while.
I am quite fond of our home and village (Linsey, I know you are smiling.  It really is a village!!)
and while this little, picket fenced, Cape Cod is very sweet,
it is smaller and in the neighboring town.
Sure is fun to think about though...

(sources: Unknown. I will need to work on this, they were all in my files.  Sorry.  I know some are SL)


  1. Nothing better than MLS stalking ....

    And that last image is seriously one of my favorite boy rooms - ever.

  2. MLS listings can be very dangerous! I look too, but I want & need to buy. lol I would love that house here in SD! Great inspirations! :) The kitchen & boys room are perfect! Love it all! :)


  3. I always love your inspiration photos! I might just be sending you an email for help selecting paint colors and fabric for my kitchen. I'm thinking over summer break I might just be inspired paint it. You have great taste, Tessa!

  4. i'm in love with that house. I think it's perfect....well, with some changes which you mentioned. It's so charming and such good bones. Those windows! And did you see how wide the plank floors were? I'm glad I'm not the only one who drives by houses and still looks. Great inspiration pics as always. They totally go along with that house.

  5. I'm a MLS stalker too! There should be a help group for us (: I like to find dream houses but I also like to look for inspiration.

    I love that house too. It has so much charm and potential. You should keep your eye on it!

  6. Oh, this sounds like fun! Loooove that kitchen and dining room!!!

  7. I enjoy looking for homes online as well. It's fun to see what's out there. Great inspiration photo's!

  8. its need to start a business once all of the kids are in school..i am serious!


  9. I do the same thing, even though we're staying put for good, now. When we were looking for houses, though, I was a bit obsessed with the MLS.

  10. Cute house and great inspiration ideas. I have a couple of neighborhoods that I drive through regularly just to see if one of my favorites happens to be listed. It could be worse, though, I have a friend who reads the obituaries to see what's going to be coming on the market!

  11. I love it! It has a TON of potential! I would love the opportunity to start with a clean slate. I think that is why I get so frustrated with my house. It is so overwhelming to think about all that I want to do here....and how much it will cost! I wish it was my personality to do things one step at a time. Unfortunately, I want it done all at once......and FAST.

  12. My husband has his real estate license but the joke is that I'm his assistant b/c I go through phases where I pour over MLS, too, therefore I know all about neighborhood price point trends and the history of certain houses. Love it. Some of your inspirational images happen to be some of my favs. I sent a copy of the first kitchen to my husband b/c when we remodel ours, I'm thinking about doing the same thing to our ceiling since it is the only room w/ popcorn on it.

  13. I do this too! It is just a sickness we have, no cure. I can certainly see the potential for greatness!

  14. I circle the homes of choice when they arrive in the newspaper and leave them out for my husband to "find" when he gets home.

    If you get the house, I'll come help you paint! :)


  15. LOVE the much potential! And I would keep that toile wallpaper in the dining room too. I am always attacted to red toile. Great inspiration pictures too!

  16. Oh that house is darling!!! I love MLS listings too and I adore the toile wallpaper in the dining room. So cute.

  17. I am SO smiling!!! I have the most perfect picture in my head of your cute little village. What a refreshing image compared to this 4th largest city I call home!

    I have dreams of a small town...someday!

    Happy weekend!

  18. Yes! I could totally make this work. Isn't it nice to dream? Looks like it could be in my neighborhood too :)


  19. I too stalk the properties in our area...even though I don't really have any intention of's just fun! The cape cod looks much bigger on the inside than the outside. Love that kitchen and the built in in the livingroom!

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