Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Too Late....

So..being honest here....
I don't have my act together this week.
I have showed up, not once, but TWICE with a shoeless child.
Once for preschool registration.  Way to make a good impression!
I thought we'd sneak in and sign up, write a check,
and be on our merry way, but no, the director spent TWO HOURS with us, giving us a tour. 
There ran my little Biscuit, up and down the halls in his socks, with his Love Bug tucked under one arm.
And then AGAIN today at the zoo.  The ZOO! 
I was even willing to fork out the $50 I was anticipating for a pair of Crocs
 or rain boots from the gift shop, but they didn't have any.
They sadly searched in lost-and-found for pair of shoes in C's size - gross,
 but we were there with friends and I was desperate. 
I even tried putting his little chubby boy feet in a pair of sparkly mismatched sandals. 
I settled for a couple pairs of very thick penguin socks
and kept him in his stroller for the bulk of the trip. 
 He had a blast!  Ever wonder why second and third children are more flexible than firstborns?!!

My creativity didn't kick in for cute class Valentines either.
I started out ok.  Downloading the Love Stripe gift tags from Olive Manna.

But I couldn't figure out what to make to put them on. 
I printed some valentine cards off line instead,
embellished them with a little fabric ticking heart & twine and tucked in a lollipop. 
I waited too long to get valentine lollipops, so they were Blow Pops. 
Ok, but they sound better than they looked. 
I kept waiting for inspiration to hit and it never did. 
I even (gasp) copped out and went the store bought route on cupcakes.
I know. I know.   

Anyway, since then I've been inspired by all sorts of fabulous Valentine cuteness
that I am tucking away for next year.  Let me share...

These little cake pops from Armommy are made using cake mix and frosting.
Super easy and DARLING.

They remind me a bit of the these, made by Lorri, using oreo cookies.
I'm guessing you could put a stick in hers too and turn them into pops.
Click here for her recipe.

And these adorable homemade Valentine's Grace made for her son Harper to hand out.
She lives in walking distance of a Paper Source (how dangerous that would be for me,
but having one in driving distance would be nice -- we don't)
I am on the hunt for the fabric tape making machine.
And last, Darby made these delectable looking cookies and
packed them in little vellum envelopes that she stitched together.
Next year, I'd kindly request you all post your wonderful ideas a month or so in advance so
just in case I find myself in a similar predicament I can copy,
inspiration by osmosis, if you will.
Thanks so very much! :)


  1. Hope you took pictures both times because it will be something the older ones will remember! Wait till they are is much worse. Dianntha

  2. I seriously love Grace's Valentine's idea. So adorable!

  3. Such a cute post....from the forgotten shoes to the Valentkne inspiration!

    We all have those days...or weeks...or years! I bought drugstore Valentines fir my girls to hand out at school. A first for this card designer...but very freeing!


  4. sweet post.... and I love all the inspiration. I teach school so "life" seems to be put on hold during the school year. I think my best bet will be to make my cute Valentine cards (and address my Christmas cards too!) during my summer vacation - only time I can keep my head above water!

  5. Thank you! How sweet of you. They really are the yummiest treats ever! And I am stealing the idea of putting a stick in them! And no worries about the shoes.....we have all been there! I once had to ask a complete stranger for a diaper andsomewipes! Oops.

  6. This, my dear friend, is what we call LIFE. We've all been there but only the brave admit it :)


  7. How can you say you didn't get creative for Valentine's day when you had a cute, felt garland up AND made heart shaped pancakes??? : )


  8. These are great ideas. Guess I will need to tuck them away for next year too Tessa. I behind gettin' "behinder" :) Hang in there - the weekend is around the corner.


  9. girl, I've done that so many times.

    Your blog always makes me hungry!

  10. Yep, we've all been there, huh? My daughter couldn't find her brand new coat the other day. Finally, it turned up at school. Ugh! Great gift ideas - they look delicious!

  11. YAAY! thanks so much for the shout out! you are too sweet to me:) can i just tell you that those valentines day cards were the ONLY things i did this year. i didn't want to see another heart after making all those. HAHA!