Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Cake!

Last Friday my beautiful Mum celebrated her birthday!
Charlie was especially excited about the whole thing.
But saying "Happy Birthday, Nana, we made you a cake"
proved to be too much, so instead, every time he looked at her he said "Happy cake, Nana!"

(My Mum and me circa 1974. She will deny this, but she still looks remarkably the same today. 
She has a figure most 30 year olds would kill for, but she's very modest about it!)

(yep, still me!)

My Mum and I are very close (despite the fact she used to dress me like a boy).
She is the most supportive, unselfish, and generous person I know.
I got very, very lucky.  As did my dad, brother, and her 4 grandsons.
For her birthday I made a French Lime Yogurt Cake with Fresh Blackberry Sauce (via Smitten Kitchen)
Lime + Yogurt + Fresh Berries
How can that be anything but delicious?
All of us had seconds and thirds.  Even the little people.
When I make it again.  And I will. Maybe this weekend.
I might try switching the lime with lemon and the blackberries with raspberries for fun.
I also preferred the sauce more before straining it. 
That's a personal call, but I don't mind the seeds and liked the thicker texture. 

Click here for the link to the recipe


  1. Tessa, so many wonderful things about this post. I love your mom's updo, so sophisticated. She's a beautiful lady, I can see where you get it from. That cake looks amazing. Don't you just love making wonderful things in the kitchen for those you love most? Happy birthday to your sweet and beautiful Mum.

  2. That cakes looks amazing! Your mom is beautiful - happy birthday to her! (Yeah, I can related to the boy haircuts and clothing - must have been something in the water in the early 70s)

  3. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother! I love seeing the pictures, these are such special moments. The cake looks yummy too!

    I hope you are doing well dear Tessa!
    Amy R.

  4. Goodness that cake looks good. Your Mom is GORG!!!

  5. What a beautiful woman! I would love a piece of that cake right now. With coffee.

  6. You're mom is so beautiful - happy birthday to her! Are those Osh Kosh overalls you're wearing? I had the same exact ones when I was little and may have to post a picture of them...I found the same pair in a vintage store for Stella and just had to get them for her. Love them!

  7. All - I'm sure my Mum is loving your sweet comments!! They will make her day!!

    Tiffany - they are Osh Kosh!! Promise you'll put a bow in Stella's hair when she wears them, K? :)

  8. Hi! I found your blog today through Cottage & Vine thanks to Renee's post about your beautiful dining, which by the way it is stunning! But I saw this post and had to comment. Your mum was so lovely and beautiful! She looks like a magazine model. I am sure she still lovely. Now, I am off to read more of your lovely blog.

    Angie @ Linen + Verbena

  9. Your mom looks so elegant. I love these pictures. Yummy looking cake too!