Saturday, January 1, 2011

Updated Traditional

From Kevin Sharkey for the premier issue of Martha's Living iPad edition.
(thank you to my Dad, yes MY DAD, for showing me the issue on his iPad after dinner tonight)

I simply go weak in the knees for pretty large scale checks!  I never ever tire of them.
I love the big green and cream ones on the walls of our
Vera Bradley store and I love the ones in this room too.

And a fresh floral too...yes!
Built-ins, old prints on the wall, loads of pattern, different textures, a little gray, a little brass....

Ok, if I'm being honest those camels, ummm, not really feeling the oriental vibe in this room. 
But then again, I'm no designer.  Thankfully there's enough pretty to overlook them!

Who could ever be unhappy in a room like this?!


  1. Gorgeous. It sounds like we need to get ipads. Am I reading too much into this?

    Amy R.

  2. Love my iPad! And love the floral in the last three pictures. Please give me the name and designer!!! (If you can get it!)

  3. Bevy - you can download the app here
    The floral is a Schumacher floral wallpaper. I the actual name is with the app. Hope that helps! Tessa