Monday, January 31, 2011

Table for 1, please

On Saturday I snuck away for a few hours on my own. 
 Here's how I spent it....
Treasure hunting at my favorite local antique mall. 
My last purchase there was this sweet little etching of Ann Hathaway's Cottage.
(I wanted to dig up a picture of my brother and
I standing outside when we were younger,
but I'm trying to make this post a fast one)

This time nothing was calling my name.
So, I headed to my favorite bookstore.
Bought an armful of shelter mags and went to
the neighboring cafe for a solo lunch.
Avocado BLT with a side of spring greens
and a small cup of onion soup topped with
homemade croutons and shavings of parmesan,
and a Coke...
In case you were wondering :)

I'm inspired to start my own craft night after reading this article in BHG.
I'm not crafty in the traditional sense -
never scrapbook, don't own a single rubber stamp (crafty people have stamps, right??!!).
But I wouldn't mind a night sipping wine with a few girlfriends
making cute flower pins and book page wreaths
ala the Jones Design tutorials.

After a LONG lunch
I made my way over to the mall
to get a couple pillows monogrammed.

(I used the slightly tacky Express Embroidery kiosk.
But I think they turned out super cute regardless)

I shopped a bit while I waited for them to finish.
Found a cute red wool, ruffle scarf on clearance at H&M.
And this tray for our FR ottoman at PB.
I am kind of finicky with items like this.
New made to look old.
Normally, I hold out for the real thing.
But I figured chances were slim I was going to find a tray made from old wine crates.
As you can see Charlie has accessorized it beautifully.

I went to grab a cappuccino but the line was about 20 deep,
so I settled for an original Yagoot with strawberries, banana and coconut.
Picked up my pillows and headed back home.

Just enough time to myself to start missing my babes.


  1. Hi Tessa, I just discovered your blog and spent over an hour playing catch-up! I've never seen anyone whose taste matched mine so closely. I love this site. Congratulations! Nicole

  2. Gosh I love it all! Even the tacky embroidery kiosk which doesn't look so tacky to me.


  3. Your pillow looks like it turned out really nice. Are you like me at all - you finally get free time and just can't wait to get back and see your boys. I can be silly that way! Hope your having a happy day!

  4. Sounds like the perfect mom's day out, and I am sooo jealous of your perfect quick-turn around embroidery place!

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  6. Hello,

    Too many sp mistakes before. Trying out a new device to post and it's driving me a little crazy. I enjoyed your blog post today. Love your pillow with the ruffles. It is so pretty. I wish I had a kiosk like that around. Also, the tray is great. I like that PB carries these items. I just bought the wire market basket to sit on my bench. I also liked the article with the crafts/girlfriends. I would add some Champagne to the mix. How fun.
    Thank you for sharing. It all looks wonderful.

  7. Tessa!
    I love your sounds like the perfect amount of "me" time.

    I'm also dying to do a craft night at my've inspired me to cross it off my list!

    LOVE the monogrammed pillow. LOVE it.

  8. love how the pillow turned out! your house is the photos going up the stairs too!

  9. Wow! I bet you could actually hear yourself think! Jealous. :)

  10. Your pillow is cute! And, I saw the same article in BHG and was inspired by it too and would love to do something like that. Although, my crafts would look nothing like the magazine....they'd probably be stick figures or something like that! But, it sounds fun!!! Your home is adorable!

  11. What a marvelous day to yourself. Treasure those days...

    We also have a "slightly tacky" embroidery shop inside our Walmart - of all places. But they do an amazing job!

  12. sounds like the perfect day! i found myself imagining doing the same. the pillow turned out cute! i used to use a kiosk in the worst mall here for monogramming but the mall closed. craft night seems like it would so much fun! love the idea.

  13. Oh I love, love, love that pillow! You have such great style!

  14. I love every single word and image you posted. I even loved your lunch...seriously, it sounded good:) I wish we could hang out. You are really cool. I would come to your craft party if you invited me and I don't think I am crafty...I just bought a glue gun a week ago (still in the package).

    Amy R.

  15. Your blog is adorable! I do really love your house.

    I am NOT crafty. I normally hate crafty projects, but wine? Girlfriends? Sitting in a fabulous dining room like that?

    Yes, I could do it. Cute article.

  16. That sounds like a heavenly day out! I love to do that from time to time, it allows me to return to my family totally rejuvenated. Love that craft night idea. So fun.

  17. What a perfect day out! Isn't it crazy how when you're a teenager you'd never be caught dead out alone (gasp!!!) but now it's just about the perfect day?? As for craft day - I wish you lived close, I would start one in a heartbeat! : )


  18. I would come to your craft night in a heart beat! Even without the crafts! Go for it!


  19. Your pillow is so cute and I love the tray! I was just at Pottery Barn and I didn't see anything like this.

  20. I love your this pillow. Where did you get such a cute thing?

    1. thank, lauren. the monogrammed pillow was custom made. i used an inexpensive linen and had the mall kiosk do the embroidery.