Monday, January 3, 2011

New Fabric

Happy Monday, all!

As I mentioned I've made a few changes around the house,
just little things here and there to cozy up the place.

Before I share though, I need to say my piece about taking pictures of my home.
There is a little part of me that struggles with this whole phenomenon --
taking pictures of my house and posting them on my blog.
#1. Because I am not a designer, nor pretend to be.
#2.  Because it feels like showing off.  Not that I have this amazingly wonderful home,
 but sometimes when I take and post pictures it's a bit like, "hey, look at me, look at me"
I suppose that is inherently the nature of blogging, AND
I really, REALLY, enjoy looking at pictures of YOUR homes, YOUR families, YOUR life
and I don't think it is in any way "showing off" when someone else does it.
Decorating is a hobby.  I don't take it or myself too seriously,
but I do get great joy from creating a warm & cozy home, and
sharing it with others who feel the same is fun, yes fun, so I'm going to get over myself.
I've said my onward we go...

I have a small addiction.
I buy it often.  Even when I have no immediate or intended use for it.
Here are three I bought recently:
These are the pictures that inspired me:
The red check (surprise!) on the sofa. (Southern Living)

The floral on the tablecloth (Cottage Living)

And here's how I used them:

Three new sofa pillows.  And one for a side chair.
 And a new slip.
I would LOVE to upholster a chair in the check too. 
 Maybe.  But I'm a bit afraid it would stain too quickly, especially in a room we use ALL the time. 
I might have to buy the yardage and save it
(See?  I have a problem! I'm forever worrying favorites will be discontinued. 
My poor parents had to bring back Laura Ashley fabric from England
once that had been discontinued in the US.). 

The cute linen stripe I used for a slipcover for our very dirty ottoman. 
Again, I would have rather had it re-upholstered (in velvet - think the cottage in the movie "Holiday") because it has pretty tuffting, but I really need something that can endure stains and be thrown in the wash. 
I washed it this weekend and it's a bit rumpled, but I like it that way.
I do have another fabric related project in the works for this room. 
New drapes!
I'm still searching for just the right ivory/off white fabric,
and some bamboo blinds on the back three windows. 
Might be a few months before it happens though. 
You know, New Year's resolutions to spend less on the house and all....  :) wink!


  1. Oh please continue to "show off' :) I love seeing all the photos of your home!!! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You are too funny!

    I LOVE that ottoman ~ I thought the shot was from a magazine! Where did you get it? Let me guess, you've had it for years and it was passed down from a family member ~ always my luck! :)

    Love your posts and all the fabulous pictures you include with such great ideas. Keep it up.

    Shared my {yours} Christmas stockings in my last post. They are a highlight of my holiday.

  3. I think it's fun to be able to " show off" a bit! And you're right... we all love seeing the homes of our new friends!

  4. I totally know what you mean b/c it's the same reason I had issue with even starting a blog. Sometimes I think, "ok, try NOT to mention the word Stella in this post" b/c surely everybody is sick of hearing about her. But like you, I realized how much I enjoy peeking into others's the tiny details that we love to give us a smile or inspiration or make us feel connected.

    With that said...great minds, the two of us, posting about pillows today. The funny thing is is that I posted about inexpensive ones from Pottery Barn and I work for a showroom that reps high-end fabric like Clarence House, Cowtan & Tout, Pierre Frey, etc. I have so much wonderful fabric and a sewing machine...if only I knew how to sew! I am no designer, that's for sure, but I too love fabric! Yours turned out great! Love your home...esp. that gramed pic I spy in the background.

  5. Hello! I absolutely love how you used the beautiful fabrics you choose! Just perfect!!! I sometimes feel funny too showing pictures of my house or something I made - your probably like me and aren't really a center of attention kind of girl. Keep showing your work - it is very inspiring! Happy New Year!

  6. I love your ottoman slip!

    I know what you mean about about posting pictures of your home. I feel funny sometimes, too. God is good at giving direction in what to share. Sometimes I've spent hours on a post (way too much time in my opinion) only to get the sense in the end that I'm not supposed to publish it. Because it wasn't from Him or for Him. You have a sweet that allows the Lord to shine!


  7. Love the linen stripe! There will be a time for velvet... my whole house is slipcovered. (4 kids!)

  8. Love the floral and plaid combo! I have a client who has a small obsession with plaid and would like it to be applied in a "spring-y" fashion! Looks like you did just that! : )


    Love your blog!

  9. I adore (ADORE) that slipcovered table or stool! I love it rumpled!

  10. Why can't I sew? Man! I love, love, love the ottoman! And I do show children! You will notice I don't post many pictures of my house. This is because I don't think I am very talented in regards to decorating. You, on the other hand, do an AMAZING job!

  11. Tessa, did you make those? They are fabulous!!! My poor living room is in dire need of some serious help, starting with some pillows for the sofa. Perhaps I'll make some to spruce it up, thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Oh how pretty! You should be proud Tessa!


  13. Love what you did in that room! I know that one pic - it's from the December issue of Southern Living. Believe me, I poured over that family's house - loved it!

  14. I love seeing your fabric projects. Did you make the pillows yourself? Wow!

  15. LOVE your latest projects!! Can I ask what you used to stuff the pillows?? They sit perfectly! I need to make some and haven't liked what I have used to stuff in the past! Thanks!!

  16. Hi Anonymous...I use 100% down pillow inserts because I find they hold up better over the long haul. The large ones are from ikea, the smaller ones are from a local fabric store. Hope that helps!

  17. I love your room, and the ottoman cover is both pretty and practical.

  18. Tessa, I love your blog. I was wondering where you found the three fabrics at? I especially love the red check. Thanks