Saturday, January 22, 2011


Last week, Amy R. from Plain & Fancy Living awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award.
Really? Moi? Stylish?
Have you seen this girl's house?

Thank you, Amy!
I appreciate the kind words.
I am very grateful for ALL of you that take time to read my blog.
I'm always a bit surprised that anyone besides my Mum does.
But getting to know you through your comments and your blogs makes
this whole online journaling experience so much more fun!

As part of "accepting" the award I am supposed to share 7
random facts about myself.

1. I have worn the same perfume since I was 15.

2. I'd choose a night at home with my hubs enjoying a good bottle of wine,
great take-out, and a movie over going to a party any time. 


3. I rarely wear jeans - though I like how they look.
I am a dress, skirt, tights, leggings wearing kinda of girl.

4. My wedding flowers were sweet peas, peonies and roses. 
I almost named this blog Sweet Peas & Peonies.

5. I like rainy days.  Maybe this is related to #2 and could be summarized as
I AM HAPPIEST AT HOME, a nicer way of saying homebody.

6. I am not a big fan of apparel and accessories that are smattered with logos.
(though I love Coach bags, just without all the Cs)

7. I am completely infatuated with homes built in the 1920s.

Now I am supposed to tag other "stylish bloggers."
ALL of you are in my opinion.
Whether you are amazing designers, fabulous mothers,
great cooks, incredible photographers, inspirational writers,
funny gals or some combination of these things.
So all of you consider yourselves tagged!!
Random Fact #8 - I stink at keeping chain letteresque things going...
Have a great weekend!! And thanks, Amy R.!!

images: Dress - Anthro, Inspiration Board - Post Cards & Pretties (that is not my wedding), House- Martha


  1. So glad to meet another chain-breaker! I'm so honored when people bestow these awards upon me, but I'm horrible about tagging others. Love the dress you showcased - beautiful! And, I'm with you on the logos on purses. Give me a great bag, just leave the giant letters (except for my monogram), off of it. :)

  2. So true, Jen!! If it's my own initials then it's a whole different story!!

  3. I hate the Coach bags of today. Yuck. But I love the beautiful photograph of the kitchen...

  4. I'm a chain-breaker as well! And a homebody and I can't recall the last time I wore jeans. That dining room of hers is great! Oh, and I LOVE 1920s homes, too, and that one from Martha Stewart. And funny enough, I rcvd a Coach bag for Christmas and I ran fast to the store to exchange it for one that didn't have Cs on it. The only logo thing I own is a LV Speedy but that's kind of a classic. That and Goyard are the exceptions. Congrats on your award.

  5. Hello,

    I am a new follower. Love your blog and Congratulations. I am also a Channel no. 5 gal. My mom wears it and I have kept the tradition going.
    I hope you wouldn't mind if I could add your blog to my inspirational blog roll.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Congrats on your blog award! You have great style, and you are much too humble. I am also a chain breaker so don't feel bad. I love older homes like the 1920s home in the photograph. My husband and I are currently researching books that will help us understand classic architectural elements and design so when we build our forever home it will outlast trends and fads

  7. I am so with you on #2, 5 & 6. But I wear jeans almost every day in fall and winter. And no perfume. :)

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. So glad you girls are kindred spirits!!

    Michele - you've probably already discovered these, but Dover has an extensive line of 1920s books with building plans in them. I'm sure you can find them on Amazon.

    And Claudia, my Chanel No. 5 wearing sister, thank you! Of course you can list my blog on your blog roll - I'd be honored!

    Happy Sunday to you all!
    xo, Tessa

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for leaving a comment and for following too. Looking forward to more pretty posts on your blog. Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. You are crazy! You are stylish without a doubt! I loved reading your list and thanks for the shout-out:) I really think you are one of the nicest blog friends I have. I think we would be friends and hang out if we actually met each other and lived close by.

    Amy R.

  11. I loved reading this....
    and, it reminded me that someone awarded me a stylish blogger, so I need to do one of these posts, too.

  12. Congratulations Tessa! I loved reading more about you.
    Have a great day,

  13. This is strange.
    I felt as if I was reading about me! I can agree with everything you've posted on here. Wonderful playlist, by the way. At least I know someone gets me!
    I wear Chanel No.5 as well. ;)