Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Kitchen

I am on a blogging ROLL this week. Whew!
I keep meaning to post recipes and weekly meal plans.
It's not happening.
You see, I LOVE to cook,
but these days I gotta work FAST,
since a certain 2 year old finds the need to assist me
the moment I set foot in the kitchen.
So...if I try to take pictures too it just makes the whole process
a little hectic and not so enjoyable.
And really, a blog post without pictures isn't much fun.
BUT...I get a lot of food inspiration and ideas from all of you,
so I'm going to post recipes anyway,
and borrow pics from the internet instead.
OK? OK...   

Here's what I've been making this week...
Spring Green Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

Roasted Potatoes with Thyme

Parmesan Toasts

Chicken & Apple Sausage
(I omit the mushrooms in this recipe)

Triple Chocolate Biscotti
(Carrye N. if you are reading...Jackson LOVES these)

Bloggers whose recipes are in my queue:
Jo, Stephanie, Smitten Kitchen, and Tara
 Happy cooking!  Even happier eating!
pictures: pretty kitchen (sadly not mine) from Southern Accents via Seagrass Interiors,
food pics from Google search


  1. I'd be a very happy girl if that was my kitchen! OK, do you really cook like this every night? I am beyond impressed!

  2. top photo could very well be my dream kitchen. i think we have the same exact taste my friend! xo

  3. Just think what we could create if we had that kitchen! :)

    Thanks for the recipes ~ I'll be trying these out for sure. My husband would be over the moon if I made the lambchops for him.

    Have a great week ~

  4. Tiffany - no need to be impressed, my children eat their weight in buttered noodles too, I don't always have it together. BUT almost all these recipes have a 10-15 min. prep time so they are a whole lot less fancy than they sound! :)

  5. Jo - the lamb recipe is one of our favorites. we don't eat it too often just b/c rack of lamb is pricey, but both my little guys love this recipe. andrew requests it every year for his Bday!! and he's my picky eater too!

  6. I'm good to get one decent recipe on the table once a week (not counting weekends)...other nights it's like hmmmmmm...let's see what we can throw together. Once Stella eats what we eat, I think things will change. She's such a picky eater, I wish she'd eat better like it sounds like your boys do.

  7. Tessa - When can I come over for dinner? Seriously. : ) I absolutely love Smitten Kitchen. Have you tried her easy pasta sauce? It's literally an onion in a certain brand of crushed tomatoes and butter. It sounds weird but my business partner tried it and said it's hands-down the best pasta sauce she's ever eaten. It's one of her most popular recipes! Can't wait to see more of your weekly meal plans!


  8. I am crazy for that table and wingback chairs!