Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Thoughts & Pretty Rooms

warmington north traditional kitchen
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Well aren't you all the most supportive bunch?!!
Thanks for getting me yesterday and not thinking I'd fallen off the deep end.

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Today my heart is lighter. 
So we have a tougher day here and there. I know I'm not alone.
No matter, there is no replacing the joy my boys bring me EVERYDAY.

Charlie's new song "ho, ho, ho, pirate ship me" he sings it over & over.
Today in gym class he picked up a cone, turned megaphone, and performed it for an audience.
This child used to be shy.

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Andrew telling me today, "Mama you know just how to make everything better."
Really? How did you know I needed that?  Boys. They love their Mamas.

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Charlie's mispronunciation of "fork", "fix" and the placement of the letter F in "firetruck". 
All used with great frequency, all sounding like a far less desirable 4 letter word starting with F. 
 I only laugh to myself.

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Watching my boys together. The way Charlie runs to Andrew's room first thing every morning. 
The way C imitates his older brother (not always good, but always cute),
the way Andrew affectionately calls him "Stinky Pete" .

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Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! 
I've got a busy day tomorrow, I'll be back next week.

PS. If you are straining trying to figure out how these pics are in anyway related to my post.  Stop. 
They aren't.  Just felt like adding something pretty along with happy thoughts!


  1. But they ARE all related...they all have beautiful artwork, and raising children is a work of art!

  2. Goodness! I looove these photos! They made me VERY happy! These are gorg! Happy Weekend! -Katie

  3. Hello ,

    Love the pretty pictures .
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Aaaahhh you post THE BEST pics. I have to tell you - I've been obsessed with the first song on your playlist (hangin' on.) Seriously - I keep your blog up while I'm blog surfing just so I can listen to it on repeat. : )
    Glad today is better!


  5. Just stumbled onto your beautiful blog! Am a new follower :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo Cindy

  6. So glad you found my blog because now I have found yours, and I love it! And keep your chin up--raising two boys is challenging but never boring!

  7. Very pretty spaces. Please feel free to link back to us at

    Thanks so much!

    Seema Persaud

  8. Tessa, Your comment made me laugh. I so wish I had a Trader Joes BUT I do consume a lot of jalapeno & cilantro hummus, too (are we twins?), from a local brand, Out To Lunch, from Whole Foods. So happy you discovered Matchbook - it's a fun issue, though I can't help but wonder how they'll keep it going for months to come (as I wonder w/ all the on-line mags). I live under a rock, too, b/c I stay behind in my blog reading by 1000+ posts! My friend and co-worker usually sends me links to things b/c she knows how behind I am in my blog reading. I should just unsubscribe to half my list. LOVE that top pic in this post, by the way...totally wish that was my house!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  9. Love, love, love these rooms Tessa. And yes boys love their mamas and mamas LOVE their boys.


  10. Love these pictures! I am laughing about the "F" word. When we got our two older cats, my twins were 4 and the youngest was 3. We decided to name them Finn and Huck, until I heard them trying to say Huck with an "F." They were renamed Finn and Sawyer.
    I also keep forgetting to tell you that my youngest daughter is named Tess. I flip flopped between Tess and Tessa for the longest needless to say, I love your name.
    Have a great weekend xo

  11. Tessa, so happy you stopped by! Your blog is gorgeous - these rooms are beyond pretty. That dutch door in the first picture is so classic and timeless. I love it. Glad you stopped by - I'm your newest follower!