Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Out Of Town

Hi all!  We've just returned from a little trip to the Windy City. We took Andrew and his best friend, Payton and left Charlie behind with my parents.  Who I thank tremendously because from what I hear he wasn't exactly a piece of cake.  Boys at age 2 - unless you've had one you can't possible comprehend. Adorable? Yes.  Lovable?  Uh-huh.  Can melt your heart into a complete puddle with one look?  Easily. 
Can also act like complete neanderthals at the drop of a dime?  You bet. 

WE, however, had a blast!

Once again Jimmy planned the whole trip.  There are perks to having a well traveled husband I tell ya! 
We stayed downtown and navigated our way around on foot. 
 Cold weather and chilly winds ain't got nothin' on us! 

A few highlights...
Friday night.... Cocktails for four at the Signature Room on top of the Hancock Tower.
The view of the city all lit up at night was spectacular!

A ride on the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel - we were the only crazy ones on board, also amazing!
This was my favorite part of the trip!

And some Chicago style deep dish pizza for dinner. (of which the kids were not the biggest fans.)

Saturday started with breakfast in bed (I heard more than once "this is the BEST breakfast ever".)

A trip to the American Girl Doll store for Payton, Katrina (her doll), and I.
I had a glimpse of how the otherside lives (mothers of girls that is) and wowza  I don't even think I'm girlie enough for all that pink pandemonium!! 

While we were there, the boys hit the massive Lego store down the street...

Then we all met back up for lunch at the American Girl Cafe.
This was Payton's favorite part of the trip!

Sunday we made our way to the Field Museum...
Our country children continued to marvel at things like public transportation & revolving doors.
The museum was empty thanks to the Bears playoff game.
We all marveled at the Ancient Egypt exhibit!

On to more sightseeing and finished up the day Ed Debevics...

The 5 hour car ride without a 2 year old - bliss.  
Though we did see a lot of this...
Adjoining rooms for the children - highly recommended!! 
  Occationally, we even stole a few minutes to ourselves, like a quick drink in the lobby bar while they built Lego upstairs.  (don't worry, it was just one drink)
  Once they went to bed, it was almost, almost, like we were away for a weekend together without little ones in tow. Now back to reality tomorrow.  Looking forward to catching up on your blogs too!!


  1. Your trip looks like it was so much fun. I love Chicago, and haven't been in awhile...your photos made me miss it.

  2. How cute is that little "best friend" Payton?! What a fun, sweet trip!

    I'm pretty sure I've passed the age of colored tights, too, so I'm now living vicariously through Stella. xo

  3. What a fun weekend away! I haven't been to Chicago in years and miss it much! NYC is nice but not the same.

    Your photos are fabulous ~ perfect memories for two besties.

    Have a great week ~

  4. You are one tough cookie to walk the streets of Chicago this time of year! And to ride the ferris wheel in the cold?!?! A memory you'll never forget. What a fun mama you are!

    Have a great week back at home!

  5. That sounds like a great trip! I love Chicago.

  6. Love that his best friend is a girl... That will pay off big when he gets older. He will have a "go to" for all his girl problems! LOL

    What a great trip!

  7. Man! I have never been to Chicago! Super jealous! Looks like you had a wonderful time. And yes....I have had to learn to love pink. It's a whole different world!

  8. what a fun nice of you to let a friend tag along!

  9. We've been to Chicago twice as a family and really enjoyed it both times. Next time you go you should check out the miniature rooms in the basement of the Art Institute - they are amazing. Here's a link: