Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowmen from Charlotte, Concerts & Sledding

Is it just me, or is the week before Christmas vacation pure madness? 
Here's what's been happening since Monday...

The annual Christmas concert at school...
(what's up with the saucy face??)

Without fail, every year, on this night I find myself wishing I had a little girl. 
 To put in a red corduroy dress.

I've been busy making my "Charlotte Snowman Pops" for Andrew's class party on Friday. 
I call them that because I learned to make them from my dear college friend, Sarah, who lives in Charlotte.
Charlie got to sample one while I assembled the rest and when he came back in the dining room all covered in white (hair, eyes, cheeks, hands, arms) I assumed it was marshmallow till I got a whiff of him,
it wasn't, he'd somehow found a tube of diaper cream. 
I'm telling you, age 2, while adorable, it can wear me out!

They are easy & fun to make.
(Skewer three marshmallows on a long lollipop stick.  Coat them in melted white chocolate - the kind you buy at craft stores and melt in the microwave, let them dry. 
Paint on their features with more melted chocolate in a zip lock bag. 
One tip for coating them -After melting the white chocolate, pour it into an aluminum, disposable mini loaf pan and cut a deep V in the back to roll the stick in.

I've also been trying to make a simpler version of these paper trees (ala Martha) for Andrew's party craft. Let's just say mine don't look anything like this,
but I'm snowed in and already have the supplies,
so we will just need to make it work for tomorrow. 
Why, oh why, do I continually volunteer for the party craft?! 
Speaking of snowed in...

We have our first snowday today.
Popcorn, movies, fire, sledding, wet clothes, wet floors, pumpkin bread, and dancing --
and that was all before 1:00 PM.  

We happen to have the best front yard for sledding. 
As a result, we've had a steady stream on neighborhood kids since 10:00 this morning. 
But the snow was a bit too deep for my littlest guy.
After the 30 minutes it took us to get suited up, looking like Ralphie's brother from A Christmas story,
we still only managed about 5 minutes outside before the cold snow hurt his little fingers. 
So, Charlie kept tabs on the older boys from inside.

Where he happily made a mess after helping to make the pumpkin bread.
 And just in case you ever wondered...
if you happen to mix all your ingredients together
and things don't look quite right,
 and you notice an unopened can of pumpkin that was never added
and you have to throw it in at the end... well, guess what?? 
It'll turn out just fine!
Hope you are staying warm!


  1. Wow, we're certainly living parallel lives - snow days, Christmas programs, kids in wet snow gear. Fun times, for sure!

  2. Those snowman pops are sure to be a hit with the class...who could resist such cuteness!

    Love the photos of your snow day!


  3. The snowmen are so cute! And so is your sweet charlie! We have had our first "snow" day today as well. BUT, it wasn't snow. ICE. Not as much fun as the fluffy white stuff.

  4. Looks like a great snow day!! I'm envious - this crazy Colorado weather has us longing for snow as we have yet to see any flakes!!!

    Could you share where you purchased the great wooden initial letters for your stockings - looked all over for them!!!

  5. Hi Anonymous! The letters come from Hobby Lobby. I've seen similar ones at Michaels too. Hope you can find some!

  6. Thanks for sharing your secret in making the Snowman Pops. They are so cute! The photos you share are great. I live in Texas so we don't see snow like you have. Looks fun!

  7. Hi Tessa. So happy we found each other :) I'm loving your blog as well!!! Your boys are darling and I really love those snowmen! xoxo

  8. love this, Tessa!! I want to make those snowmem with my family this Christmas so thanks for the idea!! and the diaper creme--too funny:)

  9. i love those snowmen! i want to make cute! i just happen to have the volume on, usually it's muted. great playlist!