Monday, December 6, 2010

Pretty Packages

I have started about 4 posts and not finished a one, and here I go starting a 5th.
I got a little crafty tonight.  OK, a lot crafty (for me this is highly unusual behavior).
I started thinking about cute ways to wrap presents this year.
(the presents I have yet to buy, but that's not the point :)).

I saw this is Southern Living this month...

How cute are those wooden monograms on the packages?!
I bought a couple single initial ones to put on Andrew & Charlie's gifts this year,
but tonight they ended up on a pair of handmade stockings.
I sewed a bunch of new pillows today, because I change pillows as often as most people change their sheets,
and I seem to be far better at picking out fabrics than I am with paint.
Anyhoo, I had extra red and cream check fabric,
my sewing machine was out and threaded up, so I thought I would attempt to
make a couple of stockings to "wrap" my parents gifts in. (The only two gifts I've actually bought)
(Sorry Mum no surprise wrapping for you.  But I'll keep the gift a secret!)
I used ribbon I had on hand, but wished I would of had some tartan plaid.
I used the wooden letters I bought for the boys, but I'll change those out with my parents initials.
Don't worry, I'm not giving them fresh greens for their gifts!!
The stockings were so easy and fast to make.
I made a pattern using our existing stockings, and then sewed them up.
I added a couple fabric flowers on my Mum's.
It was so fun to sew with the fire going, and my candles burning,
while the hubs was watching football napping in the other room.
The house feels so cozy.
I wish I could get the light right with my camera, but I can't.
I also found super pretty wrapping paper & red toile tissue at Hobby Lobby on the cheap.
And these little galvanized buckets at Ikea (of course) for $1.  That's less than a gift bag.
I'll come back and post more on my pillows later.
But the two big, red beauties you see peeking out in the last picture, are my favorite.
I thought they would be pretty for Christmas,
but I like 'em a lot so they'll be staying on those chairs for a while.
My little candles have just about burned down, so I best be heading off to bed.
Night, friends!


  1. LOOOOVE those stockings! And I love that monogram idea even more. That is sweet!


  2. Love love love ... is my pretty package in the mail? :) You've outdone yourself ~ I'm SO borrowing this idea. Where did you get the initials?


  3. Thank you both! Jo - the letters came from Hobby Lobby, but I've seen them at Michaels too. They were about $1 each. I think you are suppose to paint them, but I really like them unfinished.

  4. Fantastic project, I love the fabric. The whole room looks great , I love the ottoman too! :) Great job!

  5. Everything in your house looks great, and sooooo cozy.
    The stockings turned out the idea!!

    Just randomly have to say how much I miss Hobby Lobby(great paper)...I used to love going every week to check out the sales, and we don't have them here.

  6. Your house looks beautiful - love the holiday touches throughout! Those stockings are great. :)

  7. So pretty! I think that is a very clever way to wrap your presents. I am working on making sure that my packaging is beautiful since the funds to buy the presents this year was not much. I figured if it's still beautiful even though it's inexpensive, it will make up the difference. Thanks for the inspiration and the those red pillow are beautiful!

  8. I am jealous you can sew. The stockings look great. Your house is so pretty.

    Amy R.

  9. Alright.......Don't you want to come on over and wrap my gifts for me? Love this idea!

  10. thank you all for your sweet comments!! :)

  11. So, so beautiful. Do you have any idea how envious I am that you just quickly sewed them? :) xoxo

  12. Popping back to ask about the stockings ... how difficult is this project? I've been looking for a few years for pretty white stockings and can't find anything I like. I'm thinking of making them myself. Am I insane? You can be honest; I can handle the truth :)


  13. Hi Jo -- I promise these are very easy (and fast)!! I did get about 6 emails requesting instructions. I'm a bit embarrassed to do a tutorial because I am not crafty and sorta just made it up as I went along, but I'm going to attempt one since others are interested too. Stay tuned... :)