Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Sorta-Kinda Stocking Tutorial

All of you were very sweet after seeing these stockings I made sort of haphazardly
one night as an alternative to gift wrap.
I received a number of emails asking for instructions.
Well here they are...
This was my first (and likely last) attempt at doing a tutorial.
 I tried channeling my inner Emily (seriously how does she do these with 4 children, or any of you crafty Mamas for that matter??)  So, somewhere in between Charlie getting tangled up in ribbon, running off with scissors, and almost burning himself with the glue gun, I did this....

What you need:
1. Fabric - preferably one that is the same on each side. 
You do not need 2 fabrics, I just did because 
I was using scraps and didn't have enough of the check.
2. Ribbon
3. Glue Gun
4. Scissors
5. Poster Board
6. A Stocking - to use as your template
7. A Sewing Machine
8. Pins (not pictured)
9. Wooden Monogram - not pictured

Step 1.

Trace your existing stocking onto poster board.  Make it slightly larger to account for your seams.  Make the top a few inches longer because you will fold the top down after you sew it.  Cut the pattern out.

Step 2.

Trace the pattern onto 2 pieces of fabric.  I used a sharpie, this is probably not the best thing to use on fabric, but you won't see it.

Step 3.
Lay the two cut out pieces of fabric together and pin around the edges.
Ummm... no, I did not use a grocery bag for the second fabric, but it sure looks that way! :)

Step 4.

Sew it up.  Back stitch at the beginning and end. Sew close to the edge. Leave the top open.
A few of you asked if you could do this by hand. I suppose you could, I would never have the patience, I hate (a strong word, but I mean it) hand stitching.  With a machine it takes about 1 minute.

Step 5.

Turn it right side out. 
Fold the top down a couple inches
Don't worry we'll hide that unfinished edge in a second...

Step 6.
Use the glue gun to attach ribbon around the edge.  I used burlap in this example.  The large statin ribbon I used previously looked nicer.  Again, just using scraps of what I had.  Then glue gun on two more bows.  This hides the edge of the burlap ribbon and lets you attach the letter with two of the ribbon tails.   

All stuffed and ready for gift giving.  Sure is prettier than a sweater box! :)

That's it. All done.  A little like making a pillow, but no edge to finish, zipper to sew on etc.
Hope that helped.  Off to snuggle & watch a movie...
Any more questions??


  1. Oh my gosh!!! TOO CUTE! Can you start an etsy shop so I can buy some of these from you!!!

  2. I'm new to your blog. I love this stocking! I'm curious if you would make them to sell? You did a wonderful job.

  3. You really could sell these if you wanted to. Great job, especially with your tutorial.

    Amy R.

  4. You girlies are sweet! No. I've never though of selling. I find that funny and flattering at the same time. Thanks!! :)

  5. Fabulous tutorial! I'm going to attempt making these this weekend ~ thanks SO much for posting!