Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Moment in Mayberry

We all know there never was a Mayberry, 
but I think we all still search for just a little piece of it anyway.
If there had been a Mayberry, then I'd like to think it would have
celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season a bit like this...

A village lit up with luminaries up and down each and every street,
in town and among all the homes...
Families walking with their children to visit the festivities in the Old Towne Square...

Horse drawn carriage rides down quaint streets filled with charming homes...
A ceremony to mark the lighting of the village Christmas tree...
The bell tower chiming caroles...
A brass quartet trumpeting  favorite Christmas songs...
Hot chocolate being served outside the old stone village chapel...
and children lined up to visit with Santa in his sleigh...
If it sounds like stumbling on the set of a movie, then you've got it pictured right.  
On the first Saturday of every December, Mariemont hosts its annual Luminaria. 
It is actually a fundraiser for our local mom's group. 
The proceeds from the sale of the luminaria kits go to helping local charitable
endeavors and improvements for playgrounds and programs for our children.
It is one of my favorite nights of the year. 
It's magical (except for the icy temps. and the line to see Santa) and I always catch myself saying ,
 "Andrew, how lucky are you that you get to grow up here?"
and he always says " I know." 
But I don't think he really will know until many, many years from now,
 when he has a family of his own and recounts the stories of what he did as a little boy. 
 I should say despite our town feeling all Mayberryish,
I was certainly no June Cleaver. 
 I had grand plans for us to eat dinner after we got back,
but the kids were so hungry on the walk there that
we stopped in at the local movie theater to grab a large bag of popcorn
and then on the way back it was Starbucks for cake and cookies. 
I don't think June would have approved of my "dinner" that night.
On Sunday, we bundled up and grabbed the wagon to pick out our Christmas tree.
The trees are located just down the street.
It's also one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

I am so grateful that towns like this still exist and even more grateful we get to live in one. 


  1. The town you live in looks so beautiful!

    I love the popcorn, cake, and cookie's what worked at the moment!


  2. Wonderful pics Tessa! Oh, I can almost smell the hot chocolate and hear the Christmas carols:)

    Amy R.

  3. We live in a small town too and I love it. Wonderful pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  4. Oh my gosh - I'm obsessed. First off, Andy Griffith is one of my FAVORITE shows. All of my girlfriends hate it, but I grew up watching it and sometimes I'll pop in the DVD. Second, your town is truly awesome, magical, lovely AND YOU HAVE SNOW!!! - I so wish I could be your neighbor :)

    PS. Sorry to hear about you cabinet, but nothing a new coat of paint can't fix - Good luck - We have all been there!!!

  5. These pictures make me want to move. Seriously. That is exactly what I would love to do with my children. Unfortunatly, we don't have snow. We have freeeeeeeeezing temps right now, but no snow......and probably will not see the white stuff until February. Boo.

  6. Your town sounds darling!!!! What wonderful memories your are building for your sweet family.