Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Messed Up

Hi there.  I goofed.  For those of you that have been reading for a while, you know I recently painted my dining room cupboard.  It was cherry wood, now it's gray. But only between the hours of 12:00-2:00 PM.
After that the pretty gray you see pictured above, turns into a ghastly shade more aptly named "Penitentiary
 Gray", a rather sickly color with the most bizarre green undertones. My lovely painters were suppose to come back this week to put on the new hardware, but I told them to just hold off, because this Mama is picking a new color.  For the outside at least.  The inside, I love.  Hard to tell in the picture, but easy to see in real life.
So, lessons learned:
1. If you are paying a fabulous designer for her opinion and she tells you (4 months prior to selecting a color) to go with a true french gray,  please listen to her.
2.  If your husband's instincts have been right when it comes to all other house related decisions and he tells you the color you are choosing is too dark, or too green, please listen.
3. If you don't like something right away in your home, it will not grow on you.  God created our gut instincts for a reason, please use them.

The End.

PS.  Thank you for all your kind comments on the stockings I made.  I've received a number of emails requesting more details on how to make them.  Really?!  You want a craft tutorial from me??  I'm a little embarrassed because I'm not all too crafty, but rather than email all of the instructions, I will do a how-to post soon.  Just please don't laugh! I tend to wing it :)


  1. I painted our hutch a grey color that I thought I liked but it looked too purple so I repainted it a lighter color the next day. Oh well!

  2. Oh bless! You are exactly right! I have several "projects" that I have completed that I didn't love right away....and I STILL don't love them. Man, I wish I had the time to fix my oopsies!

  3. ok, i'm just catching up on reading all of your recent post. it's been really busy around here! 1. your christmas decor looks great. i wouldn't expect anything less from you though. 2. those monograms on the packages? i die. oh my. you know my weakness for monograms. oh. my. seriously. im getting the SL magazine tomorrow and finding the source. 3. your cabinet looks great, but i agree with you about something growing on just wont happen. good look finding the perfect shade!

  4. Oh...I hate when that happens!!
    You will find the perfect shade very shortly...I just know it.
    Yes do a tutorial on your stockings!


  5. Uh oh - sorry to hear that. Have you found your new color to try?

  6. I am sorry. The cabinet looks pretty with the white dishes. I hope you find perfection in your shade of gray:)

    Amy R.

  7. Well...I bet we were painting our cabinets at the very same time b/c I just did the same! For the first time ever, I bought a sample of my paint and was happy I did. I love the color - it's a very light grayish blue. But if you're looking for a true gray, it may be too blue for you or else I'd get out of bed right now and find the color name for you :) xoxo