Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Traditional Christmas

It's Saturday, I have a cold, and for the first time in my almost 13 years of marriage my house was not decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  I'm cutting myself a little slack though. With the recent loss of my mother in law I think I'm feeling just a wee bit less festive than normal.  The stuffy nose and cough don't help either.  I LOVE Christmas. I love the way our home feels. I love the traditions of trimming the tree, the music, the baking, the gift wrapping (yes, I love wrapping gifts!) but I'm behind this year. I haven't bought a single thing, our dining room is still in an upheaval because the hutch is disassembled in the garage and awaiting its final coat of paint on Monday, while all the hutch contents lay sprawled out over the table.  We always get our tree the first Saturday in December, so I'm giving myself until then to get everything else up.
In the meantime, how about a little more Christmas loveliness from past magazines?

This is another favorite that has been in my files for 9 years.  It's from Traditional Home, which lately I haven't been digging quite as much as I used to.  This home, on the other hand, is everything I like in a home.
Traditional but a little bit country.
Buffalo checks, blue & white transferware, books, antiques

Cozy, comfortable & collected.
I'm feeling the Christmas spirit kicking in, but first I need a good nap, a cup of tea, some Tylenol and maybe a little blog hopping...(although I think all of you are out shopping and decorating because I'm not seeing many new posts.  Hmmm...)


  1. Love those images. I am glad that you are cutting yourself some slack. We have decorated but no shopping. Now I need to finish the store window. But you have to be in the mood.

  2. hope you are feeling better soon! i love wrapping packages too!

  3. I LOVE to wrap gifts. In law school, our finals were always around the holidays, so I would wrap presents to de-stress. So weird, but it worked. Feel better soon!

  4. I hope you feel better. You should definitely be cutting yourself some slack right now...then when you feel up to it you can enjoy it.
    We did a little crafting and decorating today...but I need to get on the ball too. I am setting Monday as my get going day.

  5. Hi
    I was roaming around blogland and I have no idea how I arrived here but I'm glad I did because I LOVE these photos. I have lots of blue and white with some red and at Christmas I add lots more red. I don't enjoy Traditonal Home as much as I used to either. Seems like the rooms are more formal than they were in the past.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! It's easy to get overwhelmed this time of year. I'm so happy Thanksgiving Day came because my dining table was covered with crafts and gifts, etc. Hope your hutch is finished soon. Can't wait to see it!

  7. What wonderful images! So inspirational. We are hosting a party on Friday and I cannot wait to start decorating this week.

  8. I have nearly all of those images in my files too...I still enjoy seeing them.

    Hope you feel better soon!