Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Week In Pictures

Am I too late??  Thanksgiving came and went in a flash and now we are deep in the hussle and bustle of Christmas.  I am making progress too, most of our inside decorations are up, except for a tree, that comes Saturday.  I still have dead mums in my window boxes, but the outside lights are up (thanks, Jimmy, Andrew, and Charlie.  It was a group effort and it looks like one too. Or rather, one 8 year old's effort, while his Daddy chased around a 2 year old.) BUT...before I start talking about Christmas, I need to recap a bit of last week for the memory book... I'm gonna keep (or at least try to keep) my words to a minimum and let the pictures do the talking...

First up, Grandparents Day at school...

The class presented their Native American projects.
Andrew was part of the Cherokee tribe.
He presented his part so well. 
 He might have been the only child I could hear over the roaring heater
There are benefits (occasionally) to having a loud voice!

I came prepared with a full arsenal of lollipops, mini candy canes and fruit chewies in an attempt to placate my little man.  He whipped through them in less than 10 minutes.

Boys in corduroy pants tucked into rainboots - one of my favorite things, next to little boys in their PJs..  Something about it just does me in everytime.

Next up, these little darlings arrived.

My brother, Kevin, and his family from Chicago.
On Wednesday we took a trip back to the museum.
We had a BLAST.

Then on Thursday, my parents hosted a lovely Thanksgiving.
   We all sat at the same table. Some of us for 5 minutes and others for an entire meal.
We had the traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce (new recipe that I made that's better than any other I've tried), green beans, mashed potatoes, lotsa gravy, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, gingerbread cupcakes.
All DELISH. Nobody cooks like my Mum. 
Yet there were some nontraditionalists among us that chose to strip down and eat chocolate chip cookies while playing with beach toys.
At least it was dessert time.  And the shirt removal happened after a lot of this...

I even tried to break up the wrestlemania with a little dancing, ala the old Navy Gobble dance, which apparently, I'm the only one who ever saw the commercials...

Here's what Jimmy thought of all that.
Maybe I should just stick to cuddling babies, cause that dancing picture is UNattractive!!
or cuddling my man, for that matter.... (who was watching our children when this was taken???)
But really what brought me the greatest joy wasn't the wonderful food, the pretty table, or the dancing, or the fact the no antiques or 17th century paintings were harmed during our visit, it was seeing these 4 monkeys in ACTION together.  It was one 3 hour long belly laugh session.

And as far as future get togethers go, might I suggest a gymnasium as a more suitable venue.

And let me not forget one picture of my gorgeous 4 legged sister.
Prayers for your leg surgery on Thursday, Miss Emmies.

Well that about wraps it up. Be back soon with lots of Christmas around our house pictures.
It's December 1st tomorrow.  Elf -On-The-Shelf appears...Advent calendars begin...
Joy to the world!


  1. I love all these pictures! Can't wait to see how you decorate for the holidays!

  2. What a fun Thanksgiving! Those pictures without their shirts on are hysterical!!! Must be a guy thing, bc my brother was the same way at that age. Our neighbor has a 3 year old, who when I got home today, was running around their front yard shirtless with a golf club in hand! Ive got my grandmother writing down her dressing recipe, so I'll email it to you when I get it! I'll be glad to have it written down as well! Btw, how hard are these beef enchiladas to make? They sound good!

  3. I love the shirts off, wrestling, sweaty, little cuties. I miss that age! Great photos!!
    Onward to Christmas!

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  5. These pictures are great! I love them. Your hair always looks so good.

  6. Thanks, Heather! But the pictures are deceptive!! And Katie, I left the recipe on your blog. Thank your sweet grandma for me too!

  7. Hey! Thanks for the recipe - my Grandmother called this morning and here is the recipe! Ok here goes (some things may not be exact, after 50 years of making this stuffing, I don't even think she measures anymore):

    1 qt. chicken broth *my grandmother makes her own, and she told me she think it tastes better
    1 pan of cornbread *she says to make this the night before
    1 pack herb stuffing
    3 crumbled up hamburger buns *who knew??
    4 eggs
    1 cup celery *she sometimes will leave this out if she has picky eaters on her hands
    1 large onion *she says you can leave this out too, if youre not a big onion fan
    1 stick margarine
    1 can condensed chicken soup
    1 teaspoon sage
    and a little salt and black pepper

    She says once you mix it all together it will be very soupy. She bakes it in a glass 9x13 pan for 45 min @ 350.

    Hope if you make this it turns out well - I think its the best I've tasted, but of course, I'm partial :)

  8. Looks like your Thanksgiving was super fun! That's hilarious that you got down to the Gobble dance!