Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmases of CL & SA Past

This is not what I planned to blog about today.
But I seem to have misplaced my camera cord, so I can't download the pics I took.
Bummer. On to plan b...
A couple weeks ago I went a little scan happy after flipping through past December issues
of Cottage Living and a couple Southern Accents.
Thought I'd share them in all their Christmas loveliness.
Oh how I love this little Carolina Cottage. 
I have stared at the pics time and time again.
It is one of my all time favorites.
I just wish they showed every room from every angle.  Is that asking too much?

New England perfection...
These next two are stored away for Andrew & Charlie's teen years.  Such a great boy space.
The color of the back of the door - mmmm..
The mix of woods, the light fixtures, the plaid...
What a perfect spot for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Or any morning for that matter. Or any meal.
I'm still a week away from putting anything Christmassy out in our home.
Thanksgiving comes first.
Ok, off to search for my camera cord some more.
It really drives me bonkers when I misplace something.
And my house is semi tidy since I had friends over last night. 
Charlie?  Have you been up to mischief again? 
If you want more of a Cottage Living fix see Julie's post today.

images 1-2 southern accents, 3-8 cottage living, 9 southern accents


  1. I love them all! Such a cozy and iviting feel to them!

  2. I'm starting to get the Christmas decorating itch! Love the photos and the ideas.


  3. Perhaps my missing phone is with your cord. I am in love with the pinecones around the mirror!

  4. These are gorgeous and just how I wish my home would look during the holidays. I'm printing your images as inspiration.

  5. These are so pretty. I have a question - how do you store/organize your insprirational sheets? Do you scan everything and then file in electronic folders on your computer? I need a new system...

  6. lovely pictures...and thanks for linking me....have a great weekend!

  7. Such great photos! Totally inspiring.

  8. These are the best! I love all of the photo images and the warmth and inviting coziness they suggest. Thank you so much.

  9. Oh what I would give for the pinecone mirror display.

  10. Oh my goodness...that last house is so warm and inviting! Makes me want to walk right up and knock on the door!

    Can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

    Happy weekend!

  11. Those are gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration! I'm going for a more "woodland" look this year, kind of, so I'm loving all the pinecones!! All the pinecones around that mirror, so lovely!

  12. oh stunning!!!

    i am decorating as i type...well cups of hopping & decorating really!

    it's too cold out to do anything else before kids pick-up!

    keep the christmas inspiration coming lovely!!

    melissa x