Friday, October 22, 2010

A little bit of black

It's almost Halloween.
So a post on black seemed appropriate.
I do like me a little black.
In my wardrobe (a lot) and  in my house (a little).
It seems to stand the test of time. No?
I don't tire of it like I do some of the more "trendy" colors. 
And while I love me a little brown even more,
black will always be classic.

Have a "boo"-tiful weekend.
Candy shopping, costume tweaking, corn-mazing and haunted trail planning are on the agenda here.
You'll find out about Andrew's haunted trail soon enough.

Images: most unknown. sometimes I get a little right click & save happy, especially when reading blogs late at night. I think a couple of these are from Milk & Honey Home , image no. 2 luxe and lillies


  1. Absolutely love your comment on my highlighting post! And love these photos, too. The first and last are my faves!

    Thanks for sharing your perspective! I should add that my hubby likes my hair today! Worth it!

    Happy weekend!

  2. I love all the black. My husband would not be open to painting any walls or trim black. We have to pick our battles:) Have a great weekend!

    Amy R.

  3. I love black! I recently refinished my kitchen cabinets. I had no idea how hard it would be, but they turned out great! I feel like the black really opens up the area (which is opposite of what I thought it would do). I love them so much that I want to redo my bathroom cabinets in the spring.

  4. I love black, too! It's chic.
    Black highlights any other color present in a room. Imagine a black armoire or black baskets or even a black rug. Beautiful!

  5. I was great weekend filled with good laughs,great food, and wet towels.

    Happy Birthday My Love! Hope you enjoy your special day. You're amazing!

  6. Hi. I know this will seem odd. I saw your blog featured recently and have been reading it from back to front since then when I have spare time. I finally had to speak up here, when I saw ONCE AGAIN, that you have all the same pictures I have filed away. All these pics in this post are especially dear to my heart! Loving your blog and your home. It is beautiful. signed, your sister from another mother - Sugar from At Rivercrest Cottage.