Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foods With Crusts

For lunch today I was channeling my inner Barefoot Contessa.
I make about a million of her recipes and some of my favorites are the ones with tomatoes & basil.
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with tomatoes and basil.
So here is simply a "Tessa" recipe, not a Barefoot one, using two of my (and her) most favorite ingredients..

Caramelized Tomato & Basil Pizza
Trader Joe's Pizza Dough
Olive Oil
Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
2 pints grape tomatoes
Fresh basil
A splash (maybe a tbs of so) of balsamic vinegar

Prep dough and rub top with olive oil ,and a little kosher salt, and cook according to package directions
(optional but recommended --sing a funny song in a fake Italian accent while you toss
the dough up in the air to the delight of your toddler)
Sautee tomatoes with a little salt and pepper in olive oil while dough cooks.
Add a splash of balsamic vinegar during that last couple minutes.
Cook until vinegar completely reduces. Approx. 2-3 more minutes.
Top pizza with tomatoes, return to oven for a few more minutes. Top with fresh basil. Enjoy!

if you prefer, a real recipe with real measurements rather than "splash of this" and "approximately that",
I made this when my brother and family were in town and it was yummy.
I especially liked the crust - very light and flakey.
I have found that making dough in my food processor versus my standing mixer consistently turns out better.
Or maybe it was just my delightful help! (I almost ate him up in those jammies!)


Onion Tarts with Mixed Greens
Recipe from Williams-Sonoma found here.
Sorry I’m too sleepy to cut and paste the recipe. 
Besides their picture is so much better,
so maybe you should click the link to see what it is SUPPOSED to look like.



  1. gosh you've inspired me to do friday night pizza...they look wonderful!

    bet they smelt incredible...and i love your little helper!


    how beautiful are those halloween plates in your last post!

    have a great weekend...

    melissa xox

  2. Oh yum! I'll be making both of these with salad ~ you know my love for pizza salad.